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WDW Report: March 9   Leave a comment

Trip Report Covering Epcot and Studios, But Mostly Epcot


Flower and Garden is now open. This year’s entrance display is rather lackluster compared to last year’s impressive Fantasia display. Really none of the displays this year were anything special. All of them -save the Monsters University set (which, by the way, were some of the best ones this year)- were reused pieces from the last years’ fests. I know that’s typical of Flower and Garden, but I’ve seen these same topiaries for years. Worse yet, many of them (especially the entrance ones) seem thrown in last minute without any real theme or thought.

The Festival is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. I can’t help but think the candle and cake are homages to the Castle Cake from WDW’s 25th.

Still painting Mission Space

It’s that time of year when Wonders of Life re-opens! Too bad it’s only Festival Center. It’s looking a little less 80s in there. The work they’ve been putting into it seems to make it a little less awkward and tacky. The trees and planters look a little more lush and permanent. The stages don’t look re-used. There are still a lot of curtain walls and awkward areas, of course.

Flowers! Gardens! Festivals!

Here’s all the butterflies! It’s too early for the garden (now themed to the fairies) to be covered with the butterflies.

Dadgumn! It’s everyone’s favorite! TOW-PIARY MATER! The placement of the Cars topiaries makes sense by Test Track, but there isn’t much space. Mater is a popular character and everyone was clamoring to get a picture with/of him. The walkway is too small for that.

Peter Pan hides on the roofs of the UK Pavilion. This is really clever, but hard to notice. There’s nothing drawing your eye up there, making him easy to miss.

Walls are up at Norway. As you readers know, the waterfall has been off for months now and the water turned green. Assumingly this wall and tarp is up while they fix everything.


There’s a new Cadillac parked out in front of the Great Movie Ride.

We always love it when they leave cars out- especially pretty old ones. They add life to the seemingly vacant areas.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster’s iconic guitar is being painted. Also, I finally rode Rockin’ Roller Coaster for the first time. Absolutely loved it.


What do you guys think about Flower and Garden this year? How about that new car? Feel the need to make fun of me for waiting this long before going on Coaster? Leave your comments below!


WDW Report: February 9-11   Leave a comment

Alrighty! Time for another report:

Starting at the Magic Kingdom

The whole park is getting ready for True Love week with loads of red, pink, and purple flowers everywhere.

Main Street Bakery is getting Starbucks’d.

Dreamlights are coming down.

The Adventureland Veranda is under tarps.

Interactive treasure chest prop for the Pirates Interactive game near Jungle Cruise.

Interactive something under the water near the treasure chest. I  believe I heard it was a skeleton

Imagineers working hard over at Splash Mountain, which has received some very vibrant paint.

Really not a fan of this new sight line. I don’t like that the Tangled Toilet Tower gets in my shot of the Liberty Belle and Mansion. It doesn’t fit in.

Work going on near Yankee Trader, and some tarps on Liberty Square facades.

A look at where the new walkway will let out.

An overview of the nearly-complete Tangled Toilets

Another view shows lantern posts beginning their installation.

No visable work going on at Snow White/Princess Hall

Mine Train gets bigger and bigger!

Take a peek through the walls

Here’s what we assume will be a load/unload platform.

All that yellow is rockwork mesh

A look at 1)The gift shop 2)ride track! 3) Work going on at the Contemporary.

More gift shop construction

Wowzer the Clown proves that clowns don’t have to look scary to be clowns; a red nose and minimal makeup will do. Plus, he’s really talented! I approve of him.

Monorail Red is back in action! No more Avengerail.

At Epcot

Epcot is using it’s RFID entrance turnstiles for resort guests. Since I won’t mention it later, Test Track is now compatible with resort keys as well.

Habit Heroes is open again. Didn’t bother seeing it though.

Work for Flower and Garden on the Test Track walkway.

They dug a hole. Seems like a lot of work for a limited engagement event.

After nearly 10 years, Mission Space is finally getting some re-painting! This is very good news, especially seeing how horrid it’s begun to look in recent years.

I wonder if Mission Space will return with a whole new shade of red. The old paint reportedly cost them over $800 a gallon.

Their attempt at theming the tarps kinda sucks. Stars on one of the tarps, off to the side, near the top.

And let’s wrap up at Animal Kingdom: AFTER DARK

Animal Kingdom has many new turnstiles ready, and is converting all but 4. This park really lacks turnstiles….

Lights! Ambiance!

Everyone always says DAK has a great lighting package. But they always tag that quote with a picture of the Tree of Life and it’s horrid lighting. So, I figured it couldn’t be that great. Turns out, they’re right. Save the Tree of Life, DAK has a remarkable lights. Lots of popcorn lighting and string lights. It felt very bright. I was impressed. The Tree of Life, however….Eesh. Floodlights don’t do anything for it. I wish they had used an orange-yellow color, like the sunset.

So, that’s that. Thanks to everyone I met up with this last weekend for making it such a memorable trip!

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Update for October 20th, 2012   1 comment

Here’s a News Round-Up, And Some Food For Thought

Mermaids Ahoy!

This past Friday, Mermaids were finally added to Pirates of the Caribbean at WDW. The new scene is placed directly after the waterfall, and spills over into the following beach scene as well. As the boats pass the waterfall, the mermaids’ song begins to play, and a mermaid swims past. A mermaid skeleton now lies on the beach. Take a look:

Video Via Attractions Magazine

I think the effect looks really cool, and that’s just based on videos. I’m excited to see it in person. Sadly, though, I feel that the addition of the mermaids in that location seems a little odd. Yes, it is the most logical place to add them. But they don’t exactly work right there. Not because they don’t fit, but because it throws the pacing of the opening scene off. The opening scene shouldn’t have dialogue other than “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Placement is my issue, but not because they don’t belong right there. Placement is the issue because there is so much other stuff going on in that spot. You travel through the caverns. Suddenly, you have Blackbeard shoved into your face (literally!). As soon as you get out of the waterfall, there go the mermaids. As soon as they swim off, there’s the beach. I just feel there should be more spacing and breathing room. The opening scene should be slowly paced, quiet, empty, and foreboding. It shouldn’t be filled with mermaid songs and constant action.The mermaids are a welcome addition, but it feels like there’s little breathing room in what should be a spaced out, slow, quiet, and eerie set of scenes.
I think that I would like this new addition even more if the waterfall projection was removed, and the Mermaids’ Song wasn’t being played. Like I said to@ThemeparkZach and @EPCOTExplorer, I’d like it if the caves became progressively darker, and the mermaids’ voices slowly become louder. Remove the signing, and replace it with the mermaids’ eerie siren wails and shrieks.

A Country Hoedown!

This past Wednesday, The Country Bear Jamboree re-opened after a scheduled refurbishment. Fans were worried that the show would be bowdlerized, cut down, made ‘politically correct’, and that Big Al would be removed. As the doors reopened,  fans were treated to a refreshed show complete with newly dressed/skinned/costumed bears. But much to their chagrin, about five minutes of the show was cut. Two songs were removed, and a few lines of dialogue were cut. Curiously though, the more questionable songs remained in the show. Many fans claimed that with the removal of some dialogue the show seems choppy. To me, the show always seemed choppy, and the dialogue all over the place. On the plus side, The New York Times reports that during the refurb, the ride control was changed, allowing Disney to easily install holiday shows again.
Personally, I am not a Country Bears fan. I like the history, the Animatronics, and the concept of an Animatronic show, but I can’t stand the music. So I’m not really torn up over this. Didn’t like the show then, don’t like it now.
Regardless, while it is unfortunate to lose showtime, the Imagineers working on the project put out a lot of great work. I find it very neat that they went back to the original Marc Davis sketches to use as reference when redressing the bears. That’s something aimed right at fans. So it is slightly upsetting that when WDI did go out of their way to do something we would appreciate and refurbed a classic attraction- just like we’ve been wanting- they get nothing but negative remarks. But in the upset fans’ defence, Disney’s video of the behind-the-scenes work claiming how important the classics are to them was a little inappropriate. Disney had just cut the show down, and many of the Imagineers in the video did not act as though the attraction meant much to them.

I think this segways very well  into my point of discussion…..

Classic Keep Up

As much as fans whine and complain about how Disney doesn’t care and/or keep up the classic attractions, it isn’t true. This year alone saw a new queue and effects to The Haunted Mansion. In just this week, Country Bears re-opened from a refurb with lots of new costumes and Pirates received a new showscene. And let’s not forget the return of the original Tiki Room last year.
While the work may not always be what we had in mind, you can’t say that Disney doesn’t touch the original attractions.

What do you think? Do you think Disney still doesn’t care about the classics? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Enchanted Tales   4 comments

It has come to my attention that some people have a serious hate toward the new “Enchanted Tales With Belle” Meet and Greet/Meet and Play experience in New Fantasyland. These fans are claiming that this “New” experience was created to appeal to the children of five years ago (when the FLE began). Some others just feel left out, that they can’t do anything in this experience but watch- and that makes it stupid. Guess what? All of these folks are wrong, in a number of ways.

Before we start: If you haven’t seen the preview video of the attraction, you should take a look (unless you’re avoiding spoilers!) 

Today, I’m going to look at four of the main complaints I’ve heard about the project, and give you my input on how fallacious these complaints are.

  • Complaint One- That the kids won’t even like this either because because it’s silly activities catering to the simplest minded of kids, and Belle talks down to them. 

I’d like to start out by asking, How on earth do you, an adult (possibly without children!), know exactly what children like? You have no right to say that kids won’t like the activities.  You may not like how Belle talks to them, but guess what, that’s typically the way any face character will talk to little kids. Why? Because that’s how you talk to kids.

  • Complaint Two- The kids won’t like this “new” experience because it was designed for the kids of five years ago.

Guess what? This type of experience isn’t new at all. Nope. Not at all. Remember the extremely popular Tangled Play and Greet last year? They had to cut the number of activities and time because the lines were monstrous. It’s since been replaced by a popular Brave themed play and greet. Kids love play and greets.
But even beyond that, THIS play and greet isn’t even new. Take a look at this picture:

Anything look familiar? Like how Belle is there with kids holding props to act out the story? This is a picture of me, partaking in Enchanted Tales with Belle. In the year 2000. This experience wasn’t exactly created five years ago. It was created at least 7 years before then! It’s been proven to be a popular attraction. Kids loved it then, they’ll love it now, too.
Think about how excited the kids must be to feel like they are really part of the story. Even as adults, we seek out immersive stories in Disney attractions. Imagine how much more amazing being part of the story would feel.
As well, this new version will be even better than the original could have ever been. Between the incredible animatronics, structured break points that lead up to the main show, and immersive detail, I think the kids will appreciate this version much more. As will their parents.

  • Complaint Three- It’s dumb because it’s all about the kids. I feel left out!

How dare they add a kid-centric attraction in the Magic Kingdom! And in Fantasyland, of all places!
Seriously, I can’t even accept these complaints. No one is making you go to this attraction. Skip it, and move on. Not every attraction has to be about you. I never heard anyone make this complaint when the original Enchanted Tales was open. Or when the Tangled or Brave play and greets opened. So why are they complaining now?

  • Complaint Four- I’m not a kid, so I have to sit in the back and do nothing. That’s wrong!

You may recall that I do not like the Dumbo queue because there is nothing for parents to do but sit. And I still stand by that.
But guess what? That doesn’t apply here! This isn’t like the Dumbo Playland. There, parents sit down to wait to ride. They have to sit if they want to ride. Enchanted Tales, on the other hand, sitting down IS the experience. That may sound wrong, but look at it this way: they’re watching their kids preform a show! This is akin to Turtle Talk, where the parents don’t interfere, but get a free show staring their kids. Think of it like a movie. It’s a show, and you just sit there. Is that wrong? No, because that’s what you do. Enchanted Tales is the same way- it’s a show for the parents!

All in all, Enchanted Tales with Belle is a fantastic, multi-layered, fun-for-kids-and-parents addition. While I may not go see it, I love what it is. If you really can’t stand it, then avoid it. No one is making you go see it. If you do enjoy it, then go enjoy it! It’s worth visiting, in my opinion. My only issue with it? Needs more Cogsworth!

I’m sorry that I didn’t get chance to publish a trip report this past week. School has started back up, and it can be quite time-consuming. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

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So Long, Snow   4 comments

This past week, Walt Disney World closed Snow White’s Scary Adventures (SWSA). This opening day attraction will be replaced with a new Princess Meet and Greet experience, but Snow White’s presence in the park will still remain through the Seven Dwarves’ Mine Train coaster. 

This attraction’s history is rather wonky. It started out a real scary ride. Snow White was eliminated, and you were to take the place of the heroine. There were a few additional Wicket Witch figures that would pop out at riders, and, in the end, kill the riders, sending them into some sort of lightning-y explosion room. Honestly, if you haven’t seen it before, you need to check it out.
For obvious reasons, Imagineers revisited the ride  in the 90s, adding Snow White, toning down the scare element in the ride, and re-imagining the finale scene. It was still a dark ride (haha!), and was still a little frightening at points.  Of course, the chaotic twists and speed remained.

I really enjoyed SWSA when it was open. It’s incredibly quirky, quick , and fun. It always felt like a huge attraction. I suppose this is because of the small ride vehicles and compact track.
I’ll miss the entire opening scene was open-aired, when the Wicked Witch turns from the mirror to face you as the hag, the awesome strobe light lightning effect on the cut out Snow White, the entire forest scene, entering the cottage when it looks like you won’t fit through the door, and the Witch’s weird lightning bolt death scene.  I’ll miss the simplicity of the few cut outs. Though just cut-outs, they were wonderful and artsy, and provided great effects. You can’t paint a figure with UV paint and get the same result. I will really miss the quick cornering and high speed chaos of this attraction. That made it unlike any other darkride, as it added a sort of ‘thrill’ factor. None of the others go that fast.

I’m not upset that it closed. I will miss it, but I won’t cry for it’s return. Ever since they announced the Mine Train, we knew it would be going away. I know that we shouldn’t want it to close. After all, it was an opening-day attraction, and none of the other SWSA are like it. But we cannot have two Snow White attractions operating at once. Mine Train will be a fine successor to SWSA. It will still have the speeds, twists, and thrills. It won’t be as scary, which opens it up to kids who may have been frightened by the Scary Adventures.

I am upset, confused, and slightly angered by two things though.

  1. Why is it closing now? Mine Train went vertical only  a month or so ago, and won’t be open until at least next summer. So why would they close this attraction a year before they really need to? And more importantly, why do it the day before summer starts? Magic Kingdom is still a little off with it’s capacity due to all the walls and construction. Closing another ride as soon as the summer crowds are about to come is probably one of the worst things they could have done. It’s replacement I expect to  take 2-3 months to complete. Why didn’t they wait ’til the off-season?
  2. It’s being replaced with a Meet and Greet. A Meet and Greet. A whole darkride will be ripped out to be replaced with a Meet and Greet. Why? The princesses are fine in Town Square Theatre. And even if you wanted them in Fantasyland, why not use that Skyway plot you just bulldozed (which, by the way, is rumoured to become a ‘Play and Greet’)? I’m very upset with them removing an attraction for another princess encounter. I understand the need for one, but why there?
    I think the reason they don’t want to build a new location is because of the lashback they received with Fantasyland Forest’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella realms. But if they are willing to make the Skyway plot a Tangled play and greet. why can’t they have a new location for the Princesses?
I’m understanding of why it had to close….Just not why it had to close now. I’m not upset that they closed it….Just what they’re replacing it with. It’s s shame to lose it now and for that.

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

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The following post  was set to be published on March 31, 2012. I was instructed to hold off on posting, as any Orange Bird-related content could cause Team Disney Orlando (TDO) to reconsider his return.  Even through the real ‘revolution’ happened a while back, it’s points are still valid today. In fact, Progress City, USA published an article (published after this one was written) that brought up many of the same points.

So, without further ado, enjoy:

“There’s Been a Citrus Uprising”

This past Monday (March 26), Twitter erupted with what I have called a ‘revolution’ and ‘revelation’.  The entire week,  people were discussing and arguing over classic ice cream treats, quality-loving  ‘Cults’, and the return of a certain ‘little’ bird. These discussions have, or at least should have, brought us all together as Disney Park enthusiasts.

My First Citrus Swirl 

 #1- The Citrus Swirl
A few weeks back, the Sunshine Tree Terrace snack bar adjacent to Tiki Room began selling the famous ‘Citrus Swirl’. This frozen ice cream and orange treat was previously sold at this location, but ceased many years ago. It’s return was looked at as a very big event to people. The return of an old classic! Exactly what many people had been wanting the Magic Kingdom to do for years.I’ve tried the Swirl, and found it to be pretty good. I wouldn’t have five of them each day, like some people would, but I will have one every so often. But why is the return of the Swirl such a big deal? Disney fan Epcot Explorer wrote a wonderful article on his blog explaining why. According to him, “The return of the Citrus Swirl is indicative of attention to detail and that there are people in places that remember the unique qualities of the Vacation Kingdom and are brokering for their return….Small fixes, small victories, and small steps to pave a path for greater change in Walt Disney World.” The latter part of this quote would become a very important and central idea to Monday’s discussions….

#2- The Cult of Citrus
What stuck out the most in Monday’s ‘revolution’ was the use of the hash tag “#CultofCitrus”. The so-called ‘Cult of Citrus’, originally coined to describe a picture of Orange Birds figures ‘worshiping’ a large, lit-up Polynesian Village glass, has been used on twitter for a long time. Typically used when discussing Orange Bird pictures and Citrus Swirls, this ‘Cult’ was never really a serious thing until Monday. The discussions of what the return of the Swirl were often ended with the hash tag, creating a link between the Cult and the idea that the Swirl brought back quality. This idea evolved even more through the day, ending with the Cult standing for doing things like supporting small changes, such as the return of the Swirl, that bring back quality. This is a fantastic stance to take. We all love the parks, and should wish for their quality to go up each day. We complain about it ‘declining by degrees’ and rally for its ‘incline by degrees’, and that is exactly what this Cult is doing. Sadly, many are opposed to these ideas because of the Cult’s connotation with worshiping the Orange Bird. Many people despise the Orange Bird for the popularity he has gained (even I have begun to dislike what he’s turned into, but that’s another story).  This is a silly stance to take. Many of these same people agree that WDW would benefit from quality additions. So a silly little character is going to hold them back and cause them to call the Cult crazy? Such a shame, as they should be spending thier energy on helping support quality instead of laughing at and calling names at those who like a bird. I feel that I summed it up well when I tweeted “I think that if we all come together-with or without a cult name- we can support all of these small improvements. Whether we like or loathe the Orange Bird, we can rally for some great progress.” Progress…..

#3- The Bird is Back!

On Thursday (March 29)  night, the new signage for Sunshine Tree Terrace was circulating the web. In addition to it’s bright, funky, retro looking style, a certain silhouette was just visible on top of it. After going missing for years, the Orange Bird had returned to the Sunshine Tree.

Orange Bird in silhouette on the back of Sunshine Tree Terrace’s new sign

This news created much hoopla…and a bit of uproar. Many people were outraged that this character would be placed back in the park. They argued that he was stupid and had no place in the park, was only there to make money, and was only catered to a very small percentage of people.  Quite frankly, I cannot understand their issues. The Little Orange Bird is a cute, harmless character. He always has belonged to the Sunshine Tree, he had just gone missing. His return is very similar to the return of Figment to the Imagination Pavilion in 2002. Classic, iconic, lovable character who had gone away was now back home. He couldn’t be back only for profit, either. WDW had been pumping out Orange Bird merchandise for years before the interest in him was reignited. Plus, a simple silhouette isn’t enough to have everyone know who the Bird is. The most ridiculous claim is that he shouldn’t be used in a sign that serves a purpose because only ‘0.01%’ of people know who he is. If that was case with all establishments,  I’m sure Pecos Bill’s would scare away masses of people, as many don’t know who Pecos Bill (who is prominently featured on the signage) is. No one would dine at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe since this ‘Cosmic Ray’ guy doesn’t exist anywhere else. 

Really, we as Disney Fans should be impressed with this change. We have effected what they’ve done in the parks. Our rallying for the Orange Bird brought him there. If we can rally for more great additions to the parks, who knows what we can get?! Whether you like or hate the Bird, you should realize that we now have the power. We can affect the parks. We should be proud. 

If anything, this last week’s events should have brought us together as Disney fans. We shouldn’t waste time arguing, but rather to start communicating on what we want done to improve our parks. I think that if we all stay calm and don’t fight, we can accomplish much.


He’s even prominently displayed on a new poster!

Today,  April 17th, the Orange Bird has returned to the Magic Kingdom. A triumphant return, indeed. We’ve rallied for it, and it’s great to see the crazy amount of things they’ve done. Not only has he appeared on the signage, but he’s on a brand new poster (which is weird, since eateries don’t typically get posters) and loads of new merchandise (even an ear hat!). They even dug out the original figure, spruced it up, and created a crate (with a Horizons L’Orange reference on it) for him to stand on. And that’s just for one small eatery!
D23 even got in on the act, and in a big way. Robert Sherman and the D23 choir got together to sing new renditions of the classic Orange Bird songs (which were written by the Sherman Brothers), pulled out loads of Orange Bird artifacts, and discussed the history of the bird (as if we didn’t already know it by now).

The amount of respect and reverence Disney is showing for what was effectively the most obscure character is astounding. As I said in the original article, we should be proud. Congratulations, guys. Even if you hate this bird with a passion, you must admit: We’ve changed WDW history.

Let’s rally for Imagination next.


You can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook. Cheers of jeers, please leave a comment. 

Picture Perfect Days   Leave a comment

Or: How I Learned to Stop Rushing and Love the Park

There are some places that are the best during certian times of the day. In this article, I’ll list off some of my favorite places to be during certain times of the day.


Not only are the vehicles out, but the hub is empty (this is an hour after park opening)

  • Main Street:  The morning shows and fun to watch. The vehicles and trolley tend to be out in the morning, never in the afternoon or night. The hub is typically empty, meaning you can walk right up the castle and Partners statue.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris: The animals are typically more active during the mornings, especially if it’s cool outside.You can also see some of the preserve trucks out delivering food to the animals.
  • Wilderness Lodge Boat Dock: . The dock faces out over Bay Lake. It’s so tranquil to look at the early morning, and see nothing but Florida forests in the distance. The boats are coming, and you know that you’re on your way to the Magic Kingdom!


  • Your hotel room, taking a rest. Don’t spend the whole day at the parks. You’ll be able to stay later,which is one of the best part of the day. As well, it’s hot in Florida, noon is the hottest.


(around sunset, especially)

This is probably one of the best times of the day, anywhere on property. Some of  my favorites are listed.

  • World Showcase:  One of the nicest places is probably Italy. I’m not sure if it has to do with the proximity to Via Nappoli or because of the nice bridge and landing they have over the lagoon. You can get some nice views of Spaceship Earth with the oranges of the sun reflecting onto it from all over Showcase.
  • Epcot Entrance Plaza: Again, the sun reflecting on SSE is just so nice in the afternoon.
  • Sunset and Hollywood Blvds: (I’ll lump them as one because they bear many similarities. A well-themed street with a weenie at the end) The lights on the Blvds are turning on, illuminating everything in neon and warm lighting. The Hat is lit up, and begins to sparkle.  The Tower of Terror begins to glow eerie blue, and the neon begins to flicker.
  • Main Street, whenever they turn the main lights on. It’s so cool to be standing there as all the lights pop on and the crowd gasps and ‘oo’s. The lighting package is so so pretty.
  • Swiss Family Treehouse: Go in it, at this time. It’s typically empty, so stop at the top for a spectacular view of Cinderella Castle. It’s quiet, secluded, and offers some great vantage points.
  • Near the Sleepy Hollow restaurant, looking at the castle. This is the number one place to look at the castle from. Disney uses a lot of pictures from that spot on various sites and pamphlets. And you can’t blame them! The castle in one corner, and oranges, reds, and yellows of the sunset on the other. Absolutely wonderful.
  • The walkway to World Showcase/Future World, facing JII. Though I haven’t seen it in person, if you can angle yourself to have the sun shining through the glass pyramids, it is amazing! All of the structures holding it up are exposed, creating a kaleidoscope of triangular awesomeness and beauty.
  • Streets of America: It’s empty, and quiet. Great stuff is hidden amongst the facades.
  • Resorts including: The Poly, French Quarter, Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Characters In Flight at Downtown Disney. Having done it both at sunset and during the day, I think the evening is the better time. You can see more things since they’re lit up and stick out. Many of them, like SSE are much prettier to see at night. It’s really remarkable.
  • Village Haus Second Floor: I know that you’re probably always up there taking peeks over the construction walls, but stop and look over Fantasyland with the sun illuminating the castle. Remember the Skyway? It’s views kinda like that, I guess (don’t remember the skyway).  Trust me, it’s prettier than dirt and trucks.

Honestly, just turn your head 90 degress.


The best time to be at the parks during the night is after the fireworks. The park is empty. Attractions become walk-ons, and there aren’t people clogging the walkways. The later the better.

  • Tomorrowland: I’ve heard it said so many times: Tomorrowland 95′ was made for night lighting. It really was! The neon lighting everything, the blinking strobes on the the buildings, the Astro-Orbitor spinning, even the entrance way signage! It’s amazing!
  • Main Street. Again, that lighting is phenomenal!
  • Between The Seas and The Land, looking at SSE: the lighting on SSE is just so nice. And, if you stand in the right spot, you can get the reflection in the water.
  • On the World Showcase Promenade, watching Reflections of Earth
  • Walking out of Epcot after Illuminations. Stake a spot out in the back of the park, and take a leisurely walk out while Tapestry of Nations plays.
  • In the hub, on Main Street, in the Tomorrowland Terrace, or even in the terraces of Cosmic Ray’s, watching Wishes!
  • Swiss Family Treehouse, watching Wishes! It’s an interesting spot. No one is ever up there, so you’re not really inconveniencing people by standing there.
  • Poly’s beaches watching Wishes!, especially if it’s a party night and you can’t go to the park.
  • Contemporary’s rear pier, Poly’s beaches, or Wilderness Lodge dock watching the Electrical Water Pageant

Well. I hope that I’ve suggested some great new spots for you to visit on your next trip! You just have to slow down and look to find these nooks and crannies.
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