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WDW Report: March 9   Leave a comment

Trip Report Covering Epcot and Studios, But Mostly Epcot


Flower and Garden is now open. This year’s entrance display is rather lackluster compared to last year’s impressive Fantasia display. Really none of the displays this year were anything special. All of them -save the Monsters University set (which, by the way, were some of the best ones this year)- were reused pieces from the last years’ fests. I know that’s typical of Flower and Garden, but I’ve seen these same topiaries for years. Worse yet, many of them (especially the entrance ones) seem thrown in last minute without any real theme or thought.

The Festival is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. I can’t help but think the candle and cake are homages to the Castle Cake from WDW’s 25th.

Still painting Mission Space

It’s that time of year when Wonders of Life re-opens! Too bad it’s only Festival Center. It’s looking a little less 80s in there. The work they’ve been putting into it seems to make it a little less awkward and tacky. The trees and planters look a little more lush and permanent. The stages don’t look re-used. There are still a lot of curtain walls and awkward areas, of course.

Flowers! Gardens! Festivals!

Here’s all the butterflies! It’s too early for the garden (now themed to the fairies) to be covered with the butterflies.

Dadgumn! It’s everyone’s favorite! TOW-PIARY MATER! The placement of the Cars topiaries makes sense by Test Track, but there isn’t much space. Mater is a popular character and everyone was clamoring to get a picture with/of him. The walkway is too small for that.

Peter Pan hides on the roofs of the UK Pavilion. This is really clever, but hard to notice. There’s nothing drawing your eye up there, making him easy to miss.

Walls are up at Norway. As you readers know, the waterfall has been off for months now and the water turned green. Assumingly this wall and tarp is up while they fix everything.


There’s a new Cadillac parked out in front of the Great Movie Ride.

We always love it when they leave cars out- especially pretty old ones. They add life to the seemingly vacant areas.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster’s iconic guitar is being painted. Also, I finally rode Rockin’ Roller Coaster for the first time. Absolutely loved it.


What do you guys think about Flower and Garden this year? How about that new car? Feel the need to make fun of me for waiting this long before going on Coaster? Leave your comments below!


WDW Update: Spet 10-11   1 comment

The Parks During The 9/11 Weekend

Hi everyone! Back from my trip down to the World with a few pictures/updates and a video to share.

Starting at the Magic Kingdom:

Believe it or not, I only visited the park for an hour this trip. Wow.

The tarps are gone from the entrance tunnel. The 'Memories' banners are MIA.


Casey's is closed.


Swiss Family Treehouse is under referbishment. The entire area of covered with tarp fences.


The maps have been updated to include Tikerbelle's Nook and Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room


Now, to Epcot:

Repaving the parking lot


Oh, so they are there. Cool. I want one.

But now, let’s get into the park.

Haha, this still hasn't been fixed!?

The Epcot tip board/time board is being replaced by a new HD screen.

The Simon game thingie in the Imageworks was working. I played a few times. It's pretty cool.

New car is so cool. I went 5 times in a row (single rider line=walk on!), and didn't get it. Though it was the car ahead of me a few times.

Canada is currently being painted. The gap in the tarps is for the IllumiNations laser.


And now, to Studios.

New to me (even though I saw it last month): Gift shop next to Anaheim Produce?


Backlot Tour is closed. Why bother?


And to end this report, I’ve a video of what happened on Muppets.

People have been complaining about Splash Mountain for months now, and mentioning a few effects missing from Muppets. But when I walked into Muppets on Saturday, I was greeted not only by a static Penguin Orchestra, but also by a static Statler and Waldorf out in the open. It was very depressing to see.

Once the show began, the Penguins still didn’t retract. Their smoke effects were MIA, as were most of the fireworks. But worst of all, Bean’s curtain didn’t open but halfway. Poor Bean was pushing against the half-opened curtain trying to talk to Kermit.

I’ve never come out of Muppets frowning. Then this happened. Disney, please. Get in there and fix the show.


That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and to listen to the D-History Podcast. See ya next time!

WDW Report for January 15-16, 2011   Leave a comment

Imagineer2017’s WDW Reports

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  To our scroll down trip report! In this report, I’ll cover some of the going-ons at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Well, lets not waste any more time. Lets get right on into the report, starting at the Magic Kingdom:

'Let the Memories Begin' has invaded the park


The Banners don't really match though...

Confectonary is rumored to be expanding

The Speedway is getting ripped up to make room for Dumbo

I don't understand why they're ripping up the innermost track.

Steel framework for Prince Eric's Castle has gone up.

I'm very excited at this!

Facade work on the back of the castle

Workers putting the finishing touches on El Pirraco or whatever it's called. (Rumor had it that the ever-closed eatery will be renewed as a Pirates resturant in time for Pirates 4)

The Adventureland Veranda had been partially walled off for the Adventureland bridge replacement. Ariel is now doing MnG in the gazebo near Aloha Isle. You must find a new place to enjoy your Dole Whip.


But now, onto Epcot….

This is the only taste of 'Memories' you'll get at Epcot

New to me: Flat Screens in Test Track pre-show.

Lovin' the new old lighting at JII!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

But now, to cover the new “Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun” Parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The parade was a huge letdown. All of the floats were re-painted floats from “Block Party Bash”, with a continuous loop of the “Bang On The Drum All Day” portion of DCA’s “Pixar Play Parade”. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes.

Please Remove Parade...

Star Tours II is set to open May 17. I will pay good money for this sign.

Some of the larger Osbourne peices are still up.

ToT Facade work continues.

Only 'Memories' you'll see here, too.

How about some faciful pictures?

We’ll round off this report with some pictures from around the world.


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