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Well, there are a few things I’d like to talk about this week. So why not just throw them all up in one post right now before they get old? Let’s get started.

Design Track?

This week, it was posted on WDWMagic that Test Track would soon be going down for an extensive 6-month refurb. According to these rumours:

  • The new attraction will have a different name, but it still be sponsored by GM (who apparently made the call on it’s creation)
  • It will include a new fleet of vehicles (yea right)
  • Some track modifications will take place
  • And, most interestingly, be focused on the creation of new cars rather than testing.

More info has surfaced since posted. These rumors indicate that the queue would become an new NextGen experience in which guests would create the cars to be used in the attraction. Think of it as Sum of All Thrills, but designing the cars and not the track.

So. People have began to argue that this refurb would bring education back into the Transportation Pavilion. I strongly disagree. Test Track is a very educational experience. Though yes, it is a thrill, it does teach guests about the various technologies put to use in automobiles to enhance their resilience to whatever is thrown at them. The queue and postshow (certian areas of it, at least) contain many many exhibits where guests can learn. Sure, this new attraction would be an educational experience, but is it really any more than what Test Track is? Both would seem to discuss how cars are developed to withstand the environment.

UP and Out, Please.

About 2 weeks ago, Disney announced that characters from Disney-Pixar’s “UP” would be headed to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disney California Adventure. This was rumoured many weeks before it was announced, so it was really no surprise. The area has since re-opened with the updates.

It’s really a very nice change from the out-dated and forgotten ‘Brother Bear’ franchise. But I don’t like the addition of yet another Pixar film in DCA. DCA currently has:

  • Bugs Land
  • TSMM
  • Up in Redwood Creek
  • Cars Land
  • 4 scenes in WoC (Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Up, Bugs Life)

That’s 2 whole Pixar lands in one park! And a park they keep telling us will be more about Walt’s California, at that! Disneyland alone has only 2. So why must we add Pixar to yet another attraction? It  is possible to have original theming in this attraction, as proven when it opened (the Brother Bear overlay was added later on).

Yes, I do appreciate the update. Yes, it’s a nice fit. But I don’t want any more Pixar in this park.

Separate Spaces

Last weekend, I went to Kennedy Space Center. It’s a very nice place with plenty of  things to do and see. It was quite amazing (and historic) to see Space Shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad for the last launch.

STS-135, the final space shuttle launch in history.

I tried out the Launch Experience while I was there. This isn’t Mission Space at all. Mission Space is more of the G-force experience while this experience is the more realistic and educational experience. This experience puts riders totally vertical, as though they were really in the shuttle. Unlike Mission Space, the ride explains exactly what is happening. As well, this experience utilizes rapid back and forth seat vibration to replicate the G forces….and the power of the Solid Rocket Boosters. The finale is quite amazing. The bay doors above you open, revealing the massive planet Earth floating above you in the vastness of space. Had me thinking of DisneySea’s ‘Stormrider’ and it’s in-theatre effects.

It’s really unfair to compare Mission Space and the Launch Experience simply because of how very different the 2 are. But I can say that the Shuttle Launch Experience teaches much more than Mission Space does. The entire pre-show is an explanation of what goes on during the launch, why certian things are done, and what certain things can do. The exit/post show is rather educational as well. A 2 story circular ramp covers the story of the Space Shuttle program on plaques.

So yup, that’s this week. Bit of this and that. I really wanted to hit on some points before they became too old to discuss. Happy Fourth of July!

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