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Who is Imagineer2017?

I’m Alex. I’m a Disney Parks Fan. I live in Florida, and visit WDW monthly. I love the Disney Parks for the theming, the history, and the magic. Of course, attractions are fun too. Oh, and I am one heck of a park historian, if I do say so myself.
I plan on getting a career in graphic design, and hopefully a job with WDI.

So what is he doing this blog for?

I’m doing this blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and whatever else on the Disney Parks. I mean, that’s what the internetz is for, right? As a big fan, I just about always have something to say about something. So what better place to get my voice out than here, on a blog? I hope to entertain, inform and inspire everyone who may pass by, Disney fan or not.


Want to write a post? Sure, as long as it’s Disney Parks related, I can see what I can’t do! Just leave a comment! Or maybe you own/operate a website on Disney Parks, and want to write something or become a partner? Sure, leave a comment, or send me an email (Imagineer2017@gmail.com)

On the Web?

You can find me on Facebook at this link! Go ahead and ‘like’ me! Or, follow me on Twitter @Imagineer2017.

Thanks for stopping by!

From all of us, thanks for exploring Imagineer2017. Now, please take small children by the hand and watch your step onto the moving belt. The belt and your vehicle are traveling at equal speed. Please spread the word of Imagineer2017, as it gets more people to visit, making me wish to keep on writing!


Posted December 12, 2010 by Imagineer2017

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