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It’s Holidays in Space! Kennedy Space Center, that is. Welcome to an exciting new trip report, this time from Cape Canaveral. I was among the first to see the Center’s new entrance area. Granted, I had no idea it had officially opened earlier this week until I came home today. KSC needs to do a better job promoting this kind of thing. But anyway, let’s rocket off into this thing:

Christmas is in the air!

The entire Center is covered in garland and lights

The tree is shaped like a flight capsule. 😉

Two new concept flight vehicles are on display

Atlantis’ new display building is coming together. Looks very nice. It’s all set to open Summer 2013.

Now then, to all the new stuff.

The new entrance area is set up much better than it was before. Instead of a huge mess of crowds at the will call and ticket windows, the areas have been split up and moved to the very front, out of the way. A beautiful new marble(?) fountain and NASA Globe take up what was once the original ticket stands. Because of this, you no longer enter into the white building. New security checkpoint and turnstiles have been built off to the left, emptying directly into the Rocket Gardens. Still confused? I know, it’a a lot. Let’s break it down with some Google Earth overlays:

Red is the new ticket stands, orange is a new gift shop, teal are the new turnstiles, blue is the new fountain and globe, green is the cafe, yellow is walking direction.

Got it?

The fountain features a quote and picture of the Center’s namesake, JFK.


‘EXPLORE’ These are the new turnstiles

And here’s the backside.

In addition to the new entrance, a brand new cafe (with an attached patio dining area) has been added. Rocket Garden Cafe is a 1960’s themed restaurant serving a wide range of very unique food items. Unlike the burgers and hot dogs you can get at every other cafeteria at the Center, this one offers a wide range of cuisine I don’t think I’ve ever seen a theme park serve in one place.

Quick look at just some of the menu. See what I’m talking about? There’s a lot of interesting options, some of which fit the 1960’s theme.

Lots of 60’s styling! Funky lime green and orange table sets, stonework floors, wooden walls, and loads of pictures from the Apollo launches complete the theme.

We tried the sampler.  Chicken Empandas were very crispy, and pretty yummy. Could have used more chicken though. The Conch Fritters (I think?) were not my thing. Too fishy- and this is coming from a guy who loves fish. The freshly made potato chips were fresh and warm. Super crunchy! But the star had to have been this weird fried roll thing. It looked like an egg roll, but it was filled with beef and mashed potato! That was amazing. Although we didn’t get it, the grilled cheese and soup looked very tasty.
I liked this new establishment. I hope KCS gives more of it’s restaurants a unique menu. All of them have the same type of burger foods, it seems. And when there are at least 3 quick service locations in the main plaza alone, they need varied menus.

I’m very happy with where Kennedy Space Center is going. Between this newly opened work and the new Atlantis display, they’re really keeping it fresh and new. I like how the new areas are looking, and I hope the older areas can get some renovation to keep up.

I leave you with a shot of Launch Complex 39

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