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Hey there everyone! I’m back from an exciting trip to WDW for Epcot’s 30th Anniversary  While I was there, I also stopped at Magic Kingdom and Studios for some news. So, let’s jump right in:

New Sign! Yay!
I’ve  been very eager for this sign. I’m very happy to see it.

I was there for Big Top Souvenir’s opening day, too!
Take a tour through the new shop with me!

The rear entrance has posters featuring Lambert the sheepish Lion, the Seal (from Mickey and the Seal), Humphrey Bear, and Hyacinth Hippo.

Two new food carts outside serve circus-like foods such as Hot Dogs and Pretzels. Yum!

The Yellow one is number 34. I don’t know for certain what this is a reference to. While the other carts seem to be the Disney Parks’ opening years, this one isn’t. The only things I think it could be for would be 1) Donald’s debut year or 2) the year Mickey got an elephant or 3) the year the sequel to The Three Little Pigs debuted.

If you don’t know what this one is a reference is to….

Pete’s Silly Sideshow isn’t open yet, but it looks really cool!

Finally, the Yellow tent.

The Yellow Tent is home to Barnstormer and Dumbo fastpass distribution and a small seating area.

Rust!? But it just opened this morning!
Oh, wait, it isn’t real. Great theming!

A look at Mermaid’s grassy knolls. Quite impressive!

Second floor of Village Haus is under tarps. This seating area has been roped off since Dumbo closed. Could this be the official end to 2nd floor seating!?

Castle Walls are beautiful!

Close-up of the first drop ride track for Mine Train.

Work on the old Skyway plot. Not much new.

Shrunken Ned’s mini RC boats was removed a few weeks ago. Rumors suggest this may become a new route for an expanded Jungle Cruise.

In a move of redundancy, the Express Monorail has a new wait time sign. I don’t get it. It’s called Express!


The Tales-of-Captain-Jack-Sparrow-not-the-song-experience thing at Studios is being painted to look like the map to the Fountain of Youth.

I didn’t know they grew pretzels! Neat! I want a pretzel bush or tree or whatever it is they grow on plant!
Also, Osbourne Lights.

(Disclaimer: I didn’t get chance to go to any events. So I have no pictures from them. Sorry)

Here’s a look at the events being offered that day. They sounded really cool, and got nothing but positive feedback.

At Test Track, we can see them working on the attraction’s new entrance.

Looks like it will curve outward. Interesting.

I think this may be the hole my parents said they saw last trip. The ramp doesn’t enter/exit the building right there, so I have no idea what this could be.

The Cool Wash has been painted to reflect the new color scheme and car desigm.

It’s so cool that it steam comes off it!

I love how the new TesTrack logo will be used on the car.

Here are the fancy commemorative maps and buttons they gave out.

The maps included a fold-out with some of the old school EPCOT maps.

I couldn’t pass up on the special commemorative Ear Hats they were selling!

I thought it would be appropriate to end this report with a look at the EPCOT Center logo Marty Sklar so loves. Happy 30th Epcot!

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  1. Storybook Circus looks fantastic and I see a lot of vintage and lesser known characters, kudos to Imagineering for that! Hope that EPCOT enjoys another 30 Years of Discovery!

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