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A few weeks ago, I attempted to make a videocast. Though it received great feedback from test audiences, I didn’t feel happy with my work, and it was not publicly published. I don’t expect to be trying it again anytime soon.
So, I’ve decided that instead of  running a videocast,  the topic the ‘cast would have discussed will become a segment here on the blog.  In it, I will pick a random graphic, design, sign, or whatever from the Parks and babble on about it.

This week’s design I’m going to discuss is the Red Car billboard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It can be seen directly above Mickey’s of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd (that’s the first shop on the left hand side of the entrance). This sign advertises the iconic Pacific Electric Red Cars, “The World’s Largest Interurban Electric Railway System”. The sign features a 600-Series Red Car, painted in a bright red with golden ‘butterfly wings’, just like the ones that used to run through Los Angeles. These cars are also featured in the film “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit” and Trolley 717 over at DCA. Or that stupid wannabe Red Car pin stand near Tower of Terror.

Speaking of Trolley 717, this graphic from the billboard was actually used on the construction walls while tracks were installed in the then Hollywood Pictures Backlot. Minor changes were made to the sign for the walls. The Pacific Electric Emblem was changed to one for the “Red Car Trolley” (As the logos are identical other than name), the trolley’s stops and destinations were altered to reflect the DCA stops, and the bottom tag announced that the cars were “Arriving soon to Buena Vista Street and Hollywoodland!”

During Red Car construction in DCA

I’ve always really liked this sign. Well, I’ve always liked trolleys, so…That isn’t a surprise. I enjoy that kind of 1920’s/30’s kind of thing.  Once I heard DCA was to get trolleys, I liked the sign even more. I’d often point it out to my parents and say “Look! That’s going to be at DCA!”  But, overall, the graphic is great. It lends a big hand to help set the setting. The glorified Holloywood we always see in the movies (such as Who Framed Rodger Rabbit) tend to have a Red Car much like the one advertised. My only issue with the sign is that you can’t actually ride Red Cars at the Studios (unless you jumped onto the pin stand).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Liked it? Got a graphic you’d like me to talk about? Leave a comment! Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “Big Red Signs

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  1. I’d love to see the Red Car Trolley’s come to Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately from a logistics standpoint it probably wouldn’t work (Hence why the Main Street Vehicles at the Magic Kingdom don’t run all day).

    This too has also been my favorite billboard at the Studios (and probably on the whole property). As a child I remember being disappointed because I always thought that the billboard was an attraction poster (and I was never able to find the Trolley ride).

    • Yet DCA has had very little problems running their two trolleys each day. I can’t understand why DHS couldn’t have one.

      • Might just be the audience. In Orlando guests always seem to be more concerned about going on rides (because Orlando gets more tourists) where in Anaheim the Trolley’s work because a larger portion of those guests are local and take time to ride the more secondary attractions. Again thats just my guess on the subject, I could be completely wrong. Personally I’d love to see those Trolleys (which look beautiful) come to Florida.

        But than again TDO probably wouldn’t want to pay for it.

  2. The Red Car Trolleys really give an authentic feel to Buena Vista St not to mention they look fantastic!

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