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Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate this great American holiday, I’ll take a look at some distinctly American-themed lands in the Disney Parks!

Main Street, USA: This land is featured in all parks, excluding Tokyo (through World Bazaar is pretty much an enclosed Main Street). Embodying all of the fun and whimsy of your typical turn-of-the-century American town. It just bleeds Red, White, and Blue, especially this time of the year! You could find me spending hours in that one land, with all of it’s charm and warm, friendly feel.

Another wonderful morning on Main Street.

Great American Waterfront: This fantastic ‘Port of Call’ lies within the incredible Tokyo DisneySea. Seperated into 3 sub-lands (Cape Cod, New York, and Toyville Trolley Park), this amazing land has the real American spirit flowing through it. It’s got the quaint, homey feel of salt box houses and lighthouses of Cape Cod. It’s got the grit, glitz, and glamour of New York, complete with the ever-lovely Highwater Hotel and the perfect backdrop: the Sailing Ship Columbia.
It’s latest addition, Toyville Trolley Park, home of Toy Story Mania (set to officially open this coming Monday), continues to make this land even more spectacular. Themed to a ‘‘Trolley Park’, this sub-land rivals the beauty of even the DCA version. (Though believe me, I have issues with even this new and nearly perfected version!)

Toyville Trolley Park! (Picture courtesy of @DreamSweetsLove. If you’re not already following her, you should be)

Liberty Square: Designed to look as though you’ve stepped into Colonial America, this land rings out Liberty and Freedom! The Hall of President is a real treat, and leaves one feeling educated and optimistic.

The American Adventure: Much like Liberty Square, this Epcot pavilion looks like it was taken strait out of Colonial America (Though the new costumes may contradict that…). Inside, guests are treated to historic American artifacts and treasures. The fantastic American Adventure is one of the greatest Audio-Animatronic shows ever. Beyond that, the live entertainment puts one into a very patriotic mood.

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