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This past week, Walt Disney World closed Snow White’s Scary Adventures (SWSA). This opening day attraction will be replaced with a new Princess Meet and Greet experience, but Snow White’s presence in the park will still remain through the Seven Dwarves’ Mine Train coaster. 

This attraction’s history is rather wonky. It started out a real scary ride. Snow White was eliminated, and you were to take the place of the heroine. There were a few additional Wicket Witch figures that would pop out at riders, and, in the end, kill the riders, sending them into some sort of lightning-y explosion room. Honestly, if you haven’t seen it before, you need to check it out.
For obvious reasons, Imagineers revisited the ride  in the 90s, adding Snow White, toning down the scare element in the ride, and re-imagining the finale scene. It was still a dark ride (haha!), and was still a little frightening at points.  Of course, the chaotic twists and speed remained.

I really enjoyed SWSA when it was open. It’s incredibly quirky, quick , and fun. It always felt like a huge attraction. I suppose this is because of the small ride vehicles and compact track.
I’ll miss the entire opening scene was open-aired, when the Wicked Witch turns from the mirror to face you as the hag, the awesome strobe light lightning effect on the cut out Snow White, the entire forest scene, entering the cottage when it looks like you won’t fit through the door, and the Witch’s weird lightning bolt death scene.  I’ll miss the simplicity of the few cut outs. Though just cut-outs, they were wonderful and artsy, and provided great effects. You can’t paint a figure with UV paint and get the same result. I will really miss the quick cornering and high speed chaos of this attraction. That made it unlike any other darkride, as it added a sort of ‘thrill’ factor. None of the others go that fast.

I’m not upset that it closed. I will miss it, but I won’t cry for it’s return. Ever since they announced the Mine Train, we knew it would be going away. I know that we shouldn’t want it to close. After all, it was an opening-day attraction, and none of the other SWSA are like it. But we cannot have two Snow White attractions operating at once. Mine Train will be a fine successor to SWSA. It will still have the speeds, twists, and thrills. It won’t be as scary, which opens it up to kids who may have been frightened by the Scary Adventures.

I am upset, confused, and slightly angered by two things though.

  1. Why is it closing now? Mine Train went vertical only  a month or so ago, and won’t be open until at least next summer. So why would they close this attraction a year before they really need to? And more importantly, why do it the day before summer starts? Magic Kingdom is still a little off with it’s capacity due to all the walls and construction. Closing another ride as soon as the summer crowds are about to come is probably one of the worst things they could have done. It’s replacement I expect to  take 2-3 months to complete. Why didn’t they wait ’til the off-season?
  2. It’s being replaced with a Meet and Greet. A Meet and Greet. A whole darkride will be ripped out to be replaced with a Meet and Greet. Why? The princesses are fine in Town Square Theatre. And even if you wanted them in Fantasyland, why not use that Skyway plot you just bulldozed (which, by the way, is rumoured to become a ‘Play and Greet’)? I’m very upset with them removing an attraction for another princess encounter. I understand the need for one, but why there?
    I think the reason they don’t want to build a new location is because of the lashback they received with Fantasyland Forest’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella realms. But if they are willing to make the Skyway plot a Tangled play and greet. why can’t they have a new location for the Princesses?
I’m understanding of why it had to close….Just not why it had to close now. I’m not upset that they closed it….Just what they’re replacing it with. It’s s shame to lose it now and for that.

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4 responses to “So Long, Snow

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  1. You feel my pain. I know meet and greets move traffic, but losing a ride? Even for a slightly creepy one is stinko.

  2. Hello imagineer2017 and @prttynpnk !,
    Wait until it all comes together. Yes, I do understand what Snow White’s Scary Adventures means to you.
    As a past guest at Walt Disney World, There are a number of attractions that used to be at Walt Disney World that have been redone,
    or done away with all together, and their ” void(s)” has me feeling a bit ” out of place ” at times too.
    Maybe, the only way for you, or anybody to see why it is more of a fit for a Princess Meet and Greet thing to be located inside of
    the castle walls, is for you to have seen the films starring the Princesses ( which almost all of them have a castle or two in them of
    some shape or form) , and look at the fact that you will be able to visit Snow White’s Cottage when The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opens.
    When it is all said and done, you wil get it …….. eventually.

    William Dwight Stewart, Jr.
  3. Hey there,

    Great article. This is something that has puzzled me for years and Disney is in the habit of doing – taking out an entire ride and essentially replacing it with nothing and calling it a character meet and greet area or some such other thing. For years the 20,000 Leagues area sat nearly idle as “Ariel’s Grotto”, a great big nothing that seldom actually had characters in it and thus just sort gaped at you making it obvious that the real estate could have been better planned for. I really can’t imagine what would possess them to be so short-sighted about these spaces. I am a huge fan of Imagineering and concept work and there are literally hundreds of gorgeous ideas sitting in drawers as nothing more than curious works of art. It’s not as though Disney is short on ideas.

    Although I truly appreciate Mr. Stewart’s input on this topic I have to agree with the premise of the original discussion, which is about planning. I suppose that gutting the ride and turning it into a meet and greet turns the project into phases and makes (theoretically) for less down-time but it seems to me that guests would be happier if the entire process was done as quickly as possible, i.e. leave SWSA open until it needs to be closed and then get straight to work on the final product as soon as possible.

    Having worked for many years in an exhibition gallery I can say with certainty that the biggest challenge we faced was keeping down time as limited as possible thus limiting the number of annoyed guests. It was tough but in the end it was all about strategic planning. The minute one exhibition was up and running we were planning for its close and the logistics of getting the space turned over as quickly as possible during the swap for the next one.

    On a more personal note, I’m sad to see the ride go but so long as it remains open in at least one of the parks it won’t be a total loss.

    My two cents – cheers!

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