WDW Trip Report for April 28 and 29   Leave a comment

Time for another WDW Trip Report! This week, we’ll look at Magic Kingdom and Studios. 

Well...It looked better in person than it did in pictures. Still not liking it though,

He's heeeeerrreeee.....Surprised he didn't replace the poster next to him (Snow White)

Yes. I got a cup. And a citrus swirl.

Over at Big Thunder...It looks like new rockwork was put up (The yellow bits)?

Audio Animatronics have been placed back in the ride.

Skyway demolition will create a new path and reconfigured queue at Mansion.

Over in Fantasyland, the Skyway is gone. That was a HUGE plot of land.

Rumours indicate this could become a new Tangled Meet and Play experience.

Over at Peter Pan, modifications to the queue entrance has begun. As well, they were not using the part that is rumored to become the interactive area, even with the line pouring well out past the fatpass machines.

Castle walls: really big and tall. Awful close to the construction walls, too. I was sure there was one girder passing over the walls!

So tall!

This used to be Dumbo....Oh well.

At Circus, the blue tent is nearly done! Red just has the one that will cover it's opening left.

I see a train...!


And speaking of choo-choo, the new watertower and paint on the electrical box look fantastic!

Space Mountain video: Informing you of the dangers of 90's fashion.
I hate how they never updated this video. It's so bad....


An empty queue! Great for photos, bad for the ride...

Nooo! G2-9T was feeling a little sick... His lights were still on, but he was static. Please fix him, he's my favourite character. UPDATE- He was working the following morning. Regardless, this shouldn't happen.

Speaking of static things that need fixing, the gangster car in Great Movie Ride has been parked (instead of zooming out) for months.

The ever-awesome One Man's Dream

That’s this month’s report. Sadly, I broke my camera on Space Mountain….shattered by screen. Have no idea if I’ll be able to replace it. May have to revert to my old Olympus for awhile. So if picture quality goes down, you’ll know why.
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