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Happy Easter Everyone!

Every Easter, I always wonder the same thing: Why doesn’t WDW (or DLR, for that matter) do more for Easter?  Each year, there’s been a simple meet n’ greet with Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny. This year, they’ve also added a new egg display at the Grand Floridian. But why not more? Can’t we at least decorate the Magic Kingdom like at Christmas?

Tokyo Disneyland explodes with pastels and eggs each spring as they celebrate Easter. The event, called “Disney’s Easter Wonderland”, is held each year to celebrate ‘the arrival of spring’. This event includes egg painting, an egg hunt (costs a separate fee) eggs designed to look like various characters strewn about the park, and (new as of last year) a special parade!
This is really quite a spectacular event. The entire park looks amazing and festive. The parade is a nifty addition, too. Stop and thing about it- Easter gets it’s own parade, something relativity unheard of at WDW. Sure, DAK gets Jammin’ Jingle Jungle or whatever, but that’s reusing existing floats. And it’s at DAK. Anyway, this isn’t some rinky-dink parade.  Huge floats, bright (and kinda wacky) costumes, upbeat soundtrack. And since bunnies play a huge part in this celebration, there is an entire float made to look like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Oswald Float!

I’m not asking for this event exactly to come to America, but I’m asking for some of the things they do. Egg decorating would be a nice little activity, wouldn’t it? If they can do arts-and-crafts each year at DAK for Earth Day, I don’t see why we can’t do a similar thing in the Magic Kingdom. Charge extra, make some profit off it for all I care.

But more than anything, I’m begging for decorations like Tokyo. Not even the whole resort, just Magic Kingdom would do. Maybe the MK resorts could decorate, too? I think Grand Floridan would benefit from it, as made evident by the egg display. Imagine how Main Street would look covered in eggs, pastel festoons, and fresh spring flowers! Main Street already has a very springtime Easter-Sunday-Best kinda feel about it, so it’s a perfect fit. After seeing all the pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns they put out during the Halloween season, I can only imagine what they’d be able to do with eggs and bunnies.

So why don’t we get an decorations? If they can go all out and decorate for a holiday as trivial as Halloween, then why can’t they do it for something as big as Easter? It can’t be because Easter is a religious holiday, as Christmas is directly celebrated (i.e.- they aren’t celebrating all holidays [though they do touch upon them all], and use Christmas as the main holiday). Even if that was the problem, they could say it’s a celebration of spring like Tokyo does.
Perhaps the reason they decorate for Halloween and Christmas is because of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween and Very Merry Christmas Parties? Because there are no Easter parties, they don’t want to waste the time and effort. Fine. Start offering Easter parties. Not only would that open the door to a special parade,  it would allow for more parties throughout the whole year. I’m sure TDO would love that.
But wait, they still decorate for the Fourth of July….I don’t know anymore. Just decorate Main Street, please. It’d be great. Thanks.

Hope everyone has a ‘Hoppy’ Easter and/or Passover! (And happy birthday, Dad!) I invite you to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the blog, and comment below! Thanks!


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