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Or: How I Learned to Stop Rushing and Love the Park

There are some places that are the best during certian times of the day. In this article, I’ll list off some of my favorite places to be during certain times of the day.


Not only are the vehicles out, but the hub is empty (this is an hour after park opening)

  • Main Street:  The morning shows and fun to watch. The vehicles and trolley tend to be out in the morning, never in the afternoon or night. The hub is typically empty, meaning you can walk right up the castle and Partners statue.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris: The animals are typically more active during the mornings, especially if it’s cool outside.You can also see some of the preserve trucks out delivering food to the animals.
  • Wilderness Lodge Boat Dock: . The dock faces out over Bay Lake. It’s so tranquil to look at the early morning, and see nothing but Florida forests in the distance. The boats are coming, and you know that you’re on your way to the Magic Kingdom!


  • Your hotel room, taking a rest. Don’t spend the whole day at the parks. You’ll be able to stay later,which is one of the best part of the day. As well, it’s hot in Florida, noon is the hottest.


(around sunset, especially)

This is probably one of the best times of the day, anywhere on property. Some of  my favorites are listed.

  • World Showcase:  One of the nicest places is probably Italy. I’m not sure if it has to do with the proximity to Via Nappoli or because of the nice bridge and landing they have over the lagoon. You can get some nice views of Spaceship Earth with the oranges of the sun reflecting onto it from all over Showcase.
  • Epcot Entrance Plaza: Again, the sun reflecting on SSE is just so nice in the afternoon.
  • Sunset and Hollywood Blvds: (I’ll lump them as one because they bear many similarities. A well-themed street with a weenie at the end) The lights on the Blvds are turning on, illuminating everything in neon and warm lighting. The Hat is lit up, and begins to sparkle.  The Tower of Terror begins to glow eerie blue, and the neon begins to flicker.
  • Main Street, whenever they turn the main lights on. It’s so cool to be standing there as all the lights pop on and the crowd gasps and ‘oo’s. The lighting package is so so pretty.
  • Swiss Family Treehouse: Go in it, at this time. It’s typically empty, so stop at the top for a spectacular view of Cinderella Castle. It’s quiet, secluded, and offers some great vantage points.
  • Near the Sleepy Hollow restaurant, looking at the castle. This is the number one place to look at the castle from. Disney uses a lot of pictures from that spot on various sites and pamphlets. And you can’t blame them! The castle in one corner, and oranges, reds, and yellows of the sunset on the other. Absolutely wonderful.
  • The walkway to World Showcase/Future World, facing JII. Though I haven’t seen it in person, if you can angle yourself to have the sun shining through the glass pyramids, it is amazing! All of the structures holding it up are exposed, creating a kaleidoscope of triangular awesomeness and beauty.
  • Streets of America: It’s empty, and quiet. Great stuff is hidden amongst the facades.
  • Resorts including: The Poly, French Quarter, Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Characters In Flight at Downtown Disney. Having done it both at sunset and during the day, I think the evening is the better time. You can see more things since they’re lit up and stick out. Many of them, like SSE are much prettier to see at night. It’s really remarkable.
  • Village Haus Second Floor: I know that you’re probably always up there taking peeks over the construction walls, but stop and look over Fantasyland with the sun illuminating the castle. Remember the Skyway? It’s views kinda like that, I guess (don’t remember the skyway).  Trust me, it’s prettier than dirt and trucks.

Honestly, just turn your head 90 degress.


The best time to be at the parks during the night is after the fireworks. The park is empty. Attractions become walk-ons, and there aren’t people clogging the walkways. The later the better.

  • Tomorrowland: I’ve heard it said so many times: Tomorrowland 95′ was made for night lighting. It really was! The neon lighting everything, the blinking strobes on the the buildings, the Astro-Orbitor spinning, even the entrance way signage! It’s amazing!
  • Main Street. Again, that lighting is phenomenal!
  • Between The Seas and The Land, looking at SSE: the lighting on SSE is just so nice. And, if you stand in the right spot, you can get the reflection in the water.
  • On the World Showcase Promenade, watching Reflections of Earth
  • Walking out of Epcot after Illuminations. Stake a spot out in the back of the park, and take a leisurely walk out while Tapestry of Nations plays.
  • In the hub, on Main Street, in the Tomorrowland Terrace, or even in the terraces of Cosmic Ray’s, watching Wishes!
  • Swiss Family Treehouse, watching Wishes! It’s an interesting spot. No one is ever up there, so you’re not really inconveniencing people by standing there.
  • Poly’s beaches watching Wishes!, especially if it’s a party night and you can’t go to the park.
  • Contemporary’s rear pier, Poly’s beaches, or Wilderness Lodge dock watching the Electrical Water Pageant

Well. I hope that I’ve suggested some great new spots for you to visit on your next trip! You just have to slow down and look to find these nooks and crannies.
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