WDW Report for February 18-19   2 comments

A trip of fabulous pictures, Few Rides, New Discoveries, and Disappointment. 

Hello everyone! I’m back from my trip down to the world. Let’s explain the sub-title this week:
Took tons of beautiful pictures (thinking about starting a tumblr for them), I only rode 6 attractions (2 of which were shows), found some great new spots to hang out in and watch fireworks from, and I was let down with Habit Heroes (as you read in yesterday’s post) and ‘Medium’ mode Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Let’s get started at Epcot:

Loots like Fastpass will be added to SSE.

This addition is stupider than the attraction's script.

haha, these tombstones have been like this for probably around a year.

"Pardon this empty pavilion. Don't worry, it has purpose!"

Chiquita signage is up at Living with the Land

Like I said, Habit Heroes is.......odd

Some tarps up on the rear of the American Adventure's stage.

But, now it’s time for the Magic Kingdom!

Big Thunder refurb. Hoping they do a good job.

Storybook Circus’ train station looks amazing!

Speaking of Storybook Circus, here's a look at it

They've removed all the scaffolding. Looks really....bright.

Both spinners are in place and testing

Some of the towers of Prince Eric's castle have been topped.

I really love the amount of detail in them. They aren't just flat.

A crane has moved precariously close to the wall to work on the Mine Train.

Crack in the fence near Belle! Look! You can see rockwork, dirt, and that crane (well, you can't see the crane, but I could)

The first bit of the Castle Wall is out! It looks great.

The skyway is gone. Gone, gone, gone. That's a huge plot of land, too....What a waste, using it on restrooms.

Here's where the path will let out. Now walled off.

A new popcorn cart in Tomorrowland. Seriously clashes with the rest of the land, in design and in colour.

I enjoyed Wishes! from the Swiss Family Treehouse. Quite an experience.

Well, that’s all for this report. Quick and to the point. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and to subscribe to the blog. See ya!


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  1. Great post and fantastic to see the two spinners in place. I borrowed a pic (tag and all) of it and placed a link directly to this post.

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