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A Review Of Innoventions’ New Exhibit 

Habitat Heroes was…. interesting… It’s a little too strange.
You start in the city, then enter a turn-of-the-century gym, then it becomes a futuristic training-lab-thingie-I-don’t-even-know.
You’re given coloured wrist bands (which they make a huge deal out of) for your ‘team’. These come into play in the next room in which you have to battle the ‘Control Freak’. The objective of the game is to hit the buttons that are the same colour as the TV, and your wrist bands. You move all across the room, which is nice. Makes it more active. The screen is right above the controllers, making it a literal pain in the neck to see the screen.
Next, you enter a room with updated TSMM pull-string cannons.  Vauge instructions instruct you to knock down all the junk food. You’re armed with two ‘healthy’ foods to fire with, but they don’t make any difference. There’s no challenge or anything.
The next (and final) room is perhaps the strangest of them all….It’s a dance-party-workout-video room. Everyone stands in their own lit circle, and follow what the hosts are doing onscreen. The objective is to make the big villain guy fall susceptible to peer pressure (really), and have him join in .Much like the food one, you can’t really tell when you’re winning. The fat guy just dances, then runs off. You don’t get a feeling of accomplishment.   Okay. Not only is it kinda awkward dancing in front of strangers, it’s kinda tiring. I’m sure any tourist, who’s been walking the parks the whole day would just live to stand in line to dance and work out.

Overall, the entire new experience falls flat. It’s troublesome, has space issues (which, don’t get me wrong, they did a nice job putting this thing in that space. It’s just too big a concept for that space), and just isn’t fun. I hope that when it officially opens, there won’t be as much instruction-giving issues.

That’s it for tonight. I’ll have a full trip report out tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.


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  1. Sad news: the exhibit is temporarily closed. 😦

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