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4 Parks in 2 Days. Again.

I’m back from my first trip of the year, my 50th trip since moving to Florida in 2007 (funnily enough, this is also my 50th post!)! What better way to start the year than by visiting all of the parks?
This week, we’ll look at the going-ons in Animal Kingdom, swing by Epcot and Studios, and take a looksie at Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at the Magic Kingdom. Got that breakfast item and beverage ready? No? Great, because here we go!

Let’s start at  DAK:

It's Tough to be a Bug has an amazing queue. They should 1) open the whole thing and 2) make it just a walkway you can explore.

This rockwork in the Oasis has been removed. There's usually an archway.

The entire arch was removed.

I’ve become rather irritated with DINOSAUR in recent months. The first set of doors (the ones leading into the toaster time vortex thingie) are always open. That wouldn’t make me mad, except one small issue: You can plainly see the rover in front of you bobbing along. They aren’t separated far enough apart for you to roll up without seeing anything.
Worse yet, you can see the rover ahead of you as it turns around the pterodactyl roundabout (right as you’re pulling up on the sauropod).
It’s cool looking at an EMV, but not in the ride itself.  Not in that context. You’re supposed to be the only ones on this special mission. Having another rover rocking around 10 feet away from you breaks the storyline. It’s been like this for a few months, ever since they refurbed the 2nd load station. This issue needs to be addressed.

But, let’s now go to Epcot:

Some walls up at the Seas. I hope it's because some of those stupid Nemo fish fell off. EDIT: It appears that they're adding Fastpass to The Seas while Test Track is down.

I think they got dirtier since last time....blech.

Speaking of blech, this seriously needs some cleaning too.

Expect a lot of Test Track photos over the next few months as I say my good byes to this incarnation of it.

New cars are just wraps; this little bit already came off. Other than that, this car was great! Looked, sounded, and felt new.

All of the cars in the showroom are Chevys. The curtained turntable displays are now all open and static (which I like. Made it feel more open), and contain Chevys. Sign of things to come.

Over at Innoventions, the paper-making station has closed....

....as well as all of the House of Innoventions. The House is getting an update.

And across from those walls lie more walls! Fortunately, it looks as though Habit Heroes is ready to go any day now.

All the signs are up and lit.

New signs are new.

And in monorail news…

I noticed that Monorail Peach doesn't use grey 'fins' on it's car windows like the other trains. Instead, it uses black. The front cars have grey fins, though.

Let’s make a quick stop at Studios next

Osborne stuff still up

Mainly the large pieces

Wasn’t that fun? Let’s jump over to the Magic Kingdom!

Lots of tarps on Main Street, and a crane to remove the Dreamlights

Tarps galore!

Walls up at Pan, preparing for the queue refurb

Storybook Circus work is continuing on into the night to get it done in time.

Tents look like a Mini-Space Mountain when lit like this!

Don’t have any pictures, but the new walkway to Storybook Circus looks really cool!

One of my new favourite pictures.

Now, we’ll talk about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SotMK).

I was informed that it was testing, and got myself over to try it out. Upon arriving, I headed over to the Firestation to begin my quest.

The briefing is kinda hectic. Merlin just pops up, without any explanation to the portals, and tells you to attack him. Then you’re off. My first quest was in the newly-opened Main Street section. The villain (for all of us playing this land) was Cruella De Ville.

Travis (@Exprcoofto) dueling Cruella!

A few of these cameras are very well hidden, namely the ones inside the Cinema on Main Street. Others are kinda….sticking out and painful to look at.
The portals, on the other hand, are fantastically hidden. They blend in, they’re made of props. But some blend in too well. A few are hard to see because there are other props in the way or the sun shines through the window.
Much like Midship Detective Agency, there’s a symbol on the ground marking each location and telling you where to stand. Main Street’s are still stickers, but other lands have them embedded in the ground.  They aren’t too obvious unless you’re looking for them.

Best refrences in this one: Mine Train Through Natures Wonderland, Constonga Wagons, Diamond Horseshoe... Anyhow, this one is the one that broke down. It's supposed to have the face of a wanted criminal on it.

Because the game is still in testing phase, we did find a broken window. They fix it, only to have it crash and have to re-boot after I played it. I know this is testing for bugs like this, but I’m afraid that this may become a problem in the future. They are, after all, just computers (as made evident by the blue screen of death I got after playing), and could crash if overloaded. If that happens, you’re stuck. You can’t go to another window, and a crowd forms.



People are already collecting and trading cards. Based on the numbers on the cards, it''s estimated that there are 3 sets of 70 cards.

So in the end, playing the game was fun, I guess. Each land only has 4 or so portals. That’s not an issue, but you have 5 spell cards to choose from, and 2 portals don’t make you use the attack side. You’re kinda just watching what’s going on, and then using the non-attack side of your card most times.
In addition to that, it’s very impersonal. After playing Midship, this was lame. Midship has you move your card around to activate objects while SotMK just has you hold a card.  That’s lame.
I’m sure that once they add ‘levels’ (which they said that they will), it’ll have more of a challenge to it. But for now, it’s lacking.
There is, though, a re-playabliaty factor. Liberty Square has both a Princess and the Frog themed quest, and a Pocahontas themed quest. I’d have to assume that each land may have multiple villains to duel.

That about does it. Hope you enjoyed this walk in the parks and editorial of a post. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, and to subscribe to the blog. Thanks for joining me, and see you soon!



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