WDW Report: Nov. 23-25   Leave a comment

Turkey Day Tourist-Filled Turmoil!

With stops at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Studios.

Let’s start this report at the Magic Kingdom, where Christmas has begun!

Christmas! (At Day)

Christmas! (At Night)

SotMK work. These are windows on the side of Uptown Jewlers

And then some tarps around the buildings across from it.

Last month, I reported that planets weren't spinning. Now, they've been removed. Hope they come back soon.

Looks like the new spinner is in place. Either that, or it's that 'centrepeice' they moved in not too long ago.

Naked tents! This whole area looks HUGE, by the way.

The new Cheshire Cafe looks really nice.

Much quieter colour sceme. I like that.


They've Santa-hatted the giant chaser at MouseGear!

All 3 new cars were out at Test Track

2 of them were right behind one another! Get used to sights like this after the refurb.

This is why I love Epcot. Wide, open, grassy spaces. Ahh.

New curtain in the SSE desent....Yea....The lights are 10 times brighter than the others. It's kinda weird, and therefore newsworthy.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Awesome new shirt for sale at Dinosaur. It's great to see Seeker get his own merch! (only avalible in kid sizes)

The It's Tough To Be A Bug fastpass machines had Fastpasses for Festival of the Lion King


Just going to talk about the Dancing Lights. There’s a new light tent, and it’s quite impressive when dancing. Here’s a video of it.

This is it when it isn't dancing.

I also wanted to mention a few more things:

  • I got a new season pass this trip (thanks mom and dad). This new pass has RFID built into it. Yup, RFID is beginning to make its way into the parks. You can tell it’s RFID because of this new little logo in the corner, and how much thicker it is compared to regular/older tickets. This new one is about as thick as 3 old tickets.

See the little Mickey with the waves?

  • After seeing how great Disneyland looks for the holidays, I was kinda let down going into the Magic Kingdom. I mean, I know what they decorate and how they decorate over here, but…its a letdown. Main Street is festooned, has it’s own Christmas loop (so does Liberty Square, but it’s it’s old loop), and so much more. Meanwhile, the other lands have a bit of garland around some of the light posts, and poinsettias. That’s it. I really wish that the Magic Kingdom would go all out with the decorating!
    I was even more disappointed at DAK, where there were a few wreathes at the entrance with it’s tree, and nothing more. No special music, hardly any decor. It’s just kinda a disappointment.
  • Turns out that Duffy TV show they promised us wasn’t forgotten. Yup, plays every night on resort TV at 7. Couldn’t resist to see what it was all about. It was noting more than a slide show of images out of that Duffy story book with a narrator reading it. Weird story, too. In the end, everyone is jealous of Mickey’s Duffy, so Minnie has to begin manufacturing them.
    Oh, and I saw this picture of Duffy. Go ahead and guess what my first thoughts after seeing it were…

Well, that’s this month. Thanks for joining me! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! See ya real soon!


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