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The Change of Music in Epcot

Music. It’s a huge part of any Theme Park, especially Epcot.
Music brings us another cultural difference in World Showcase. You can’t eat or see music, but it is a huge part of a country. Imagine the United States without the Star-Spangled Banner. That’s like not having hot dogs. The music around even the International Gateway plays a significant roll; it previews the different lands guests will visit with the various music types. It’s like a sampler appetizer, you get some of everything, and it gives you an idea of how good the food ahead will taste (jeez, I’m comparing music to food. Must be hungry).
In Future World, we have the famous Innoventions Loop, and the Entrance Loop, ‘Legacy’. But you can’t exactly preview technology and future with music, like they can do with World Showcase.
Instead, Legacy includes mixes of pavilion theme songs, and the Innoventions Loop is original, insparational music that just says Epcot (Strangely enough, doesn’t even play inside Innoventions! Go figure).  The piece is entitled “Papillon, On The Wings Of The Butterfly” by David Arkenstone, followed by some original music.

The Innoventions loop has never lives up to it’s fullest, and Legacy has received some changes.


"Legacy" gets it's name from the infamous Leave A Legacy

Legacy, the current entrance loop, includes songs like “One Little Spark” (Which is played on the buses entering Epcot), “HISTA Theme”,  “Golden Dream”, and even “The Living Seas Theme”.
Over the years, new attractions have joined Epcot’s line-up. And with the addition of new attractions has come the addition of new songs: the Soarin’ and Mission:SPACE themes. They are a little jarring, and unoriginal-because it is audio strait from the attractions.
This audio for Soarin’ and Mission Space not only stands out because it has no gradual fade in, like the others, but because it is not the same instrumental version as Legacy. Rather, they are source audio strait from the attraction pasted in whenever there is a transition between the songs in the original loop. Soarin’s theme in the loop bugs me a bit, because the whole attraction is the music. The music blasts in, and you can’t not hear it. Mission Space, on the other hand, has dialogue spoken over the music. Yes, the other attraction themes in there are also blasted in there attractions.But they sound different in the attraction than in the loop. Still, with all these changes, “The Living Seas Theme” still plays. Very odd, but we don’t complain.

The Innoventions Loop

The 'whirly-gigs' were added in the 1994 Innoventions make-over, and were removed early this year.

It’s great and all, but when you are eating in the Electric Umbrella, the 20 minute loop can play a few times too many. I’ve been in there and heard the whole loop twice.
It was originally about 52 minutes. That’s about 2 and a half times longer!  Though never used in the parks, the loop contained songs from attractions, such as “Future World Past” (a mix of “The Living Seas Theme”, “Fun To Be Free”), pieces of the current loop, and even some songs were not from attractions, like “World on the Move”, a re-mix of the classic Disneyland attraction theme. So why was this song cut?  Unlike the others, it had nothing to do with EPCOT Center anyway! Then again, most of the loop didn’t. The only songs that were strait from attractions were “Future World Past” and “(We Used To) Listen to the Land”.  Some of the best pieces, like “Fiber Optics”, were beautiful! I was very very happy to hear one of the tunes playing on the bus to Epcot one time. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t use the full 52 minutes, and only 20 instead. I believe it is one of the shortest land loop, in fact. Future World is huge, and you’ll probably hear the whole thing in a day. Still, the loop is amazing and iconic. People still love it. I was at the Electric Umbrella one time, and noticed something was missing: The music. As we were about to get up, the music turned on, and everyone begin to cheer. It was kinda funny.

Wanna hear me talking about the history of the Innoventions loop, and even the full 52 minute track? Check out this episode of the D-History Podcast!

Well, that’s this week’s post. Hope you enjoyed!  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Never been to Epcot, but I love how Disney uses music (live and otherwise) in it’s theme parks. It really is an essential part of the experience, kind of like having you’re cake and eating it too. I also love David Arkenstone’s music.

  2. Thanks, I’ve recently been seeking for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  3. Thamk you for the epcot music and the history of the loops!

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