WDW Report: October 15-16   Leave a comment

Fantasyland,Future World Pavilions aplenty, Florida skies? That’s this month’s report!

Ready for another fun-filled WDW report? So am I! So let’s dive right in!

Looks like Main Street's got some tarps again.

Astro Orbitor is open, but there is no planet motion due to last week's fire.

Walls up in Tomorrowland

TTA leg bases are being touched up.

Enchated Grove is still behind tarps.

New walls up in Fantasyland. They recently removed a planter from here (it was the last to leave, in fact), so I've no idea what this is.

This tower way up here is under tarps.

Workers are working on Dumbo. The tent has been enclosed.

The trees previously blocking much of our view into the Expansion have been removed.The reason for this probably has a lot to do with the number of trucks that were driving close to the walls. Sounded and smelled like trucks, plus, you could even see them. This probably has to do with them beginning work on the pedestrian areas for the expansion. Trucks can’t drive on that.

Anyway, Without the trees, you really get to look at how vast this expansion is. Mermaid looks amazing, B&tB is immense.  I’m really excited.


Swiss Family Treehouse is covered entirely by tarps.


Now let's go to Epcot, where SSE is very dirty.

New tip board is new. Twitter intergration is no more (They must have downgraded to iOS4)

I’m not going to talk about Food and Wine. Everyone else is covering it, and I only had 2 dishes (Fried Greek Cheese, Baklava).

I'm now addicted to this stuff. I'm not sure why....

I finally got to ride in the new car! This is the 2nd new car. I didn't see the first one out.

It sounds and rides great! Just one small problem with it….

The screen is already broken.

The Seas tank looks okay.

Saltwater takes a toll on these things.

In The Land, a Haloween display fills this usualy dead space. Nice addition!

At Imagination, the Simon lights (which didn't work this time!) now have instructions next to them, since most people had no clue what they were.

Stepping tones has removed the weird baby pictures, and replaced them with generic clip art instruments.

New vinyl display features Dreamfinder and Figment....

Speaking of Imagination, I counted at least 5 glass tiles that were 100% brown from dirt. PLEASE clean them soon.

Canada now has themed tarps, and the laser covered during the day.

Before we leave Epcot, I also want to mention that:
1- I saw Monorail Peach. Looks like a faded gold colour. Weird. Didn’t ride, but I hear it runs smoothly.
2- Noticed that the Epcot parking tram may have switched load/unload direction. Guests were loading on the driver’s side. If I recall, they used to board the passenger side.


Look who's moved in front of the Studios: McQueen and Mater from Flower and Garden.

All of the Narnia thing references have been removed.

Oops, forgot some.

Florida sunsets are remarkable.

Carthay Circle!

That concludes this months report! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.
I’d also like to apologize for my lacking of posts. School has put time constraints on me. I’m trying my best!


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