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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Alex! You came out with a post yesterday. You’re going bi-weekly or daily now!? What gives, man?” Well, I’ll tell you what gives (turn on music now):

Last night, pictures of newly recycled and repaired Test Track vehicles in use appeared on the internet.

These ‘new’ vehicles remove all testing logos, designs, numbers, stickers, everything. Now, they are solid coloured, and shiny. Not like, new shiny, but like reflective shiny. The front bumper is now covered in the distinctive Chevy grille design, and has a Chevy logo on it.

Personally, I’m not very fond of it. The shiny gleam of the cars is nice, but the grille just looks dumb. These cars weren’t built with grilles in mind, and as such they should not have them. I’ll really miss the old cars. A lot. So classy and stylish. Maybe over time (or in person) they’ll look better, but right now it’s odd.

(photos via @shawnathon33 on Twitter)

But, let’s get to the main reason I feel it necessary to blog this:

A few weeks ago, it was rumoured that Test Track would be shut down this coming January to undergo some serious changes. These changes were to include:

  • A new theme that would focus on designing vehicles and not testing them (which would mean the cars would lose their testing looks)
  • New cars (which I scoffed at. Apparently, I was wrong)

Well. We just got ‘new’ cars. These new cars don’t have the ‘testing’ look to them. Now why would they spend this much on refurbing cars and giving them a fresh look that disrupts the theme? For fun? No way.

Now, if these rumours are true, there will be much rejoicing from the Epcot side of the fan community (then they will quickly go back to complaining JII and WS needs help). I’ll be excited to see a re-vamped Test Track, that’s for sure. And while I won’t pine for the original, I will certainly miss it. It has been an Epcot staple attraction for years. IMO, it brought Epcot to the place it is today.

So, we can only assume that these rumours are absolutely true, and that we need to keep a close eye on Test Track in the coming months. We’ll see you out there on that test track.


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