D23 Expo Round-Up/De-Breifing/Rant   1 comment

I know that I promised a D23 Expo recap entry. But, school prevented me from seriously writing this week. Sorry. So, I’m typing this breif opinion article up on Saturday morning.

Plaza Princess Problems

D23 Expo Annoucemnts:

  • NOTHING.….wait, there was one thing. A new Princesess experience replacing the famous Plaza Gardens at Disneyland.

Right…I don’t have a problem with this, per say. It looks to be somehting very cool. They were lacking an experience like this at Disneyland. BUT, I do not in any way approve of the spot, other than the great backdrop.

The Gardens are famous. Famous. They’ve been there since Walt’s time. Ever heard that Elliot Brother’s at Disneyland? “Let’s dance at Disneyland!” (great song. Love how it’s really a commercial put into song). That is famous. Maybe it’s because I like swing music, but ripping that out just seems like ripping out an important part of the park.

If Ii understand right, there is a whole stage that is currently used for nothing more than Princess MnGs near Small Wold. So why not bulldoze it? They don’t even use the stage. It just seems like that would be the better spot.

A Lacking? Not Fair.

Next, I’d really like to address that people complained that “Walt Disney World got the shaft again!” How on earth can you claim that?! If I recall correctly, Walt Disney World was the center of attention last Expo. Both of the big announcements (Star Tours II, FLE) were for it. Yet, none of the Disneylanders had an qualms.

So this year, when WDW gets no news, why should all of the WDWers complain? If anything, the foreign parks, especially Paris, should be complaining.

People need to stop and think: Disney is spending how much money on how much expansion? And how much expansion is going on at WDW right now? Fantasyland, and Downtown Disney work, new hotels, and whatever minor things we’ve gotten. That’s quite a bit. And how much does that cost? Quite a sum. So just because Epcot gets nothing does not mean we’re forgotten. It means they may not have the money yet.

Now, do Epcot and DAK need somehting? Absolutely positively. Especially DAK. But right now, DAK’s attendance is fine. Disney is going to focus on it’s flagship park, the Magic Kingdom. That is where most families go. That is where people go. It’s a Mecca to all the world. So for them to be doing an expansion in that park is a no-brainer. It’s the biggest park.

Now why does it have to be princesses, a very gender/age/target audience centric, theme? Because Disney isn’t catering to the fans. They are catering to their biggest source of revenue. Go into Magic Kingdom, and you will see that Fantasyland is the most crowded, popular land. Full of little children who want to see princesses. Give the people what they want.

So yup. That’s my input. Don’t forget to subscribe. Or, follow me on twitter at Twitter.com/Imagineer2017. As well, make sure to listen to the D-History Podcast. This week’s show is really good, a topic I know plenty of people enjoy. The Disney Channel and it’s history.

Well. Time flies. Bye bye.


One response to “D23 Expo Round-Up/De-Breifing/Rant

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  1. The Princess Meet ‘n Greet stage will still be used for dancing as the re-theme will not rip out the dance floor, although the Gardens themselves probably won’t survive, for which I am disappointing. But frankly, I’m glad that the Princess Fantasy Faire will no longer take up the Fantasyland Theater so actual stage productions can be put on like in the good ole days of the turn of the century. Even though it is not my “home park” I am glad that Magic Kingdom is getting it’s massive overhaul in Fantasyland. It looked nice before, but when it’s done it will look gorgeous, like any Disney theme park should. Now if only we can just speed up the harvest or teleport ourselves to Summer 2012 so we can see what a Disney Construction Adventure can do for Anaheim’s second gate.

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