Trip Report: Aug 19-22   4 comments

The ‘School-Starts-On-Monday-So-Let’s-Go-To-Disney-During-The- D23-Expo’ Trip

So while everyone else was in California, I was in WDW. Let’s take a look at a few updates:

At the Magic Kingdom:

Entry tunnel is having some work done

Dumbo is getting much larger.

Enchanted Grove behind walls

Either I shunk, or the trees grew. I could not see TLM at all. Very disapointing.

Short, random walls near the exit to Buzz

An elephant on Jungle Cruise is still MIA

Tiki Room has re-opened and it AWESOME. Cut down and missing the fountain or not, the show is phenominal.

New set of signs directing guests into the interactive queue at Mansion. This is the 2nd set of signs they've installed (originals can be found in my June update).

At Epcot…

The awesome 'Don't Waste It!' has closed, and posters for the next exibit, 'Habit Heros' now line the walls. I like that they're giving us a taste of whats coming.

Been like this for a few months, but The Land has added Orange to it's collection of colours.

Cart behind walls

At the Studios….

New 'Memories' billboard replaces the old one.

Scanner is back!

Jonsey's sign is missing

'Sunset at Sunset'

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom….

New 'Memories' sign here, too.

This new? Flick is doing MnG under the old ITTBAB Fastapss distribution area

'A Train Awaits'

Well, that outa do it for this week. Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and share. Also, follow me on Twitter! As well, please please please go listen to the D-History Podcast! So long!


4 responses to “Trip Report: Aug 19-22

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  1. All 4 parks in 1 weekend. Wow. What happened to the Indiana Jones sign? And why would they have to put up walls around a cart (at Epcot near Imagination)? Just move the cart.

  2. I was wondering about that random wall by the Buzz exit as well. Very random.

  3. I was thinking that maybe the wall at Buzz was to help filter in the exit people to the main crowd or something. Other than that I did not see any real purpose.

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