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A Random-Shmandom Post Of Some Happenings In Disney News That I’m Posting and Commenting on So I Don’t Feel Lazy.

I feel like I’m slacking up on the amount of articles I’ve posted the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because summer is winding down (School starts back up on the 22nd). I haven’t felt like writing because of that, and because I’ve been working hard on the D-History Podcast (please go check it out!). So I suppose it’s only fair that I put something up this week.

First, they’re putting a whole lot of work into the Tiki Room even though it’s just a simple cosmetic makeover. They’ve replaced signage, painted and touched up things, installed a new lighting system, and who knows what else!
Cudos for them! I cannot wait to see it on Friday.
Yup, that’s right, I’ll be there this coming weekend. From Friday to Sunday, right before school starts. But since I’ll be there that weekend, I will not be attending the D23 Expo (not that I could anyway). I’ll talk about the Expo in a later post, probably the following weekend.
Next, let’s talk about the new monorail they announced on Friday, Monorail Peach. This monorail will return the fleet to 12 trains, and use parts salvaged from Pink and Purple (as they did with Teal). Testing of this new train is supposed to begin a few weeks. It will be a very odd sight considering how will this be a stripe-less monorail running the tracks. I hope I get to see it like that, though. I’m excited for it, but choose the colour? Peach seems to be very similar to the already existing Coral (which was hard enough to distinguish from Pink). Though peach can range from a light coral to a light tan hue, it still seems like a copy colour. Then again, they did give us Teal to confuse with Blue…
Next, Mine Train is in no danger of cancellation, regardless of what you may have heard. The cars look cool, but small. I’m a bit upset that there are only 3 show scenes (that look small). It’ll still be cool. No date is set yet, but expect to hear some stuff at the D23 Expo.

Lastly, I must say that WDI does a great job. They are on a roll right now, just look at every project (big and small!) going on right now and recently finished. Things that didn’t even need to happen most times. I can’t understand the ‘they spend too much’ argument. Who cares how much they spend? If they didn’t spend the money on projects, they wouldn’t come out as grand, and people would complain. I can’t understand why so many people hate WDI and complain that they don’t do anything. They have so much going on right now, and everything they’ve pumped out recently has been highest quality work.

Well that’s all I have to say this week. Just bits of this and that. I’ll be in the parks this weekend, so we’ll have a trip report up by Monday. So if you want from-the-parks updates, then follow me @Imagineer2017. As well, the D23 Expo is that same weekend. While you can’t follow me for news, you can follow @Disney, @DisneyD23, @DisKingdom, and @WDWNT  (and whoever else! #D23Expo)for news and live coverage. I’ll have a D23 Expo Parks-Related round-up post the following weekend. ‘Til then, see ya!


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