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Monorails Will No Longer Service Resorts During EMH

One of my favourite things at WDW is the famous monorails. Nothing says “You’re at Disney World” more than Jack Wanger’s famous ‘Please stand clear…’ announcement. It’s always a blast getting to ride to the Magic Kingdom from your room at the Contemporary. But things are about to get bad for those of you who enjoy doing that, too. WDWMagic posted the following comment last week:

Beginning on July 11 2011, the Epcot monorail service will stop operation 1 hour after regular park closing, and from August 1 2011, the Magic Kingdom monorail will stop operation 1 hour after regular park closing. This means that in both cases, the monorail will not be able to return guests back to their resorts after evening Extra Magic Hours. Guests will instead be transported by bus and boats where available. Morning Extra Magic Hour service has not been affected. All indications are that this is a permanent change.

So now, guests staying at any of the resort line resorts now have to walk or boat back home after a long day. Wow.

These resorts, the Contemporary (and the adjacent Bay Lake Tower), Polynesian, and Grand Floridian, just so happen to be the most expensive resorts on property. So why do they get the shaft? These guests are paying the most, yet getting the worst treatment. That seems far from fair. Already, I’ve read at least 10 comments stating to Disney that they will be canceling their trip because the monorail won’t service their resort. Disney, you’re losing business by doing this.

As well, the Epcot line now shuts down early. So what happens if I parked at the TTC and parkhopped over to Epcot? Uh-oh. Or what if I’m staying at the resort line resorts? No EMH for me, I guess.

This change has yet to be explained. Some have claimed that it’s an attempt to eliminate Extra Magic Hours all together. This makes little sense, as it can be a very important factor in some people’s vacation planning.

Others have said that this change was provoked by the Monorail operators asking for additional downtime for monorail maintenance. This is a baloney reason, as all 11 monorails cannot fit in shop to be service all at once. So running 2 or 3 monorails really wouldn’t hurt. Just alternate which ones come in each night, that way, they’re all serviced and we still have trains.

End of Line

Well…In other news, Monorail Coral has returned and the Tronorail has been derezzed. As much as I love TRON and the Tronorail, I’m happy to see it go. It has been here for long enough. The film came out 6 months ago.

But it was cool, to say the least. WDW had never gotten anything like that before. The closest we’ve gotten were the so-called ‘Pixie Vomit’ stickers that were put on during the Happiest Celebration on Earth. Disneyland has gotten full monorail wraps many times: for the subsand for the HCOE for example. But there, it’s a little different. Those monorails are passing over public property, so they are effective billboards. In WDW, the ‘rail travel on Disney property. They don’t need to advertise.

The first time we had heard they were coming, no one seemed happy. Giant moving billboards running through Epcot. It wasn’t the nicest idea. Some people didn’t even think it fit Epcot. But once they it was up and running, no one seemed to care. It was just cool and fun.

I’ll miss it, but it really wasn’t anything special. It was very popular though. Popular enough that they’re releasing a toy version of it at this year’s D23 Expo. So, if you’re a fan, I’d pick one up.

Well… Enough Monorails in one post? I’d like more, personally. Maybe I can throw in those weird Cars-fied ones on colouring books they sell? They sell these Cars colouring books with Cars-fied versions of the Disneyland monorails at WDW! It’s really weird…

That’s this week’s post. Hope you enjoyed. I’m going to go play with my monorails now. Remember to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and also to rate, comment, and subscribe to my blog. You’ll be hearing from me soon. Until then, so long!


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  1. I don’t know about people canceling trips, but it definitely is wrong that WDW is halting monorail service after park close. As you said, they’re paying big bucks to stay at these resorts. To lose something which is listed as a perk/transit offer, that’s huge.

  2. I’ve never been to WDW, but I would imagine a vital transportation system like the monorails shutting down early (especially during something like Extra Magic Hours) would have a negative impact on the guests’ experience at the parks. Is it just me or is there something weird going on at TDO?

  3. That is definitely going to be a bummer when I go in September. I am staying at the Polynesian and plan on having dinner at La Cellier at Epcot to coincide with EMH. We are going to have to wait for a bus to take us to the Poly instead of catching the monorail str8 to the TTC and have a nice leisurely walk to our room. That is going to be kind of a pain. If I had to take a bus from MK to the Poly, that would be ridiculous. The boats better run across the Seven Seas Lagoon. I do not really see people cancelling their trips over something as minor as this though. It will kill an hour at the end of your day, big whoop.

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