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Think You Know Everything About EPCOT Center? Think Again.

A Review of ‘The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia’

This book has it all. From the little known to the never before heard. Going in, I expected to hear many things I had already heard and learned about Epcot. After just 2 pages, I had already learned brand new things. Things that I had never even head of before, such as the various smelitzers in UoE or all of the myriad of fruits in Horizons’ Nova Cite scene.

This book really is meant for the die-hard fan, but I’m sure anyone could appreciate it. It is not presented as an ‘Oh, you should know this already’ type of book. No previous knowledge is needed. You’ll learn all about EPCOT Center attractions along the way, starting from their opening day all the way to the present.

The word ‘Encyclopedia’ in the title may sound a bit overwhelming. It’s short and packed with information. As any encyclopedia would, it goes into depth about the topics.  But really, it is a very easy and fun read. It’s easy to follow, and it is not an information dump. As well, it’s separated by pavilion so you can go strait to your favourite pavilion, and read all about it and then continue with the others.

The scene-by-scene run down of Horizons is simply wonderful. I learned about little details that I’m sure the guys at Mesa Verde Times never even saw during their expeditions. It was very interesting to have the scene described, and hearing about some of the different techniques used in the attraction. It was cool to learn about who the Animatronics were modeled after. Everyone knows Tom II, but there are so many more!

Overall, the book is phenomenal. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they know everything about Epcot or to anyone who wants to learn more about Epcot. The author, R.A. Pedersen (aka EpcotNRG), did a phenomenal job compiling all the information and putting it together without having the reader go into information overload.

“The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia: A guide to the flora, fauna, and fun of the world’s greatest theme park!” by R.A. Pedersen can be purchased at this link.


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