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A Trip To 3 Parks Over 3 Days

Greetings salutations hello hola hi! I’m back from my what will be my last trip to WDW until late August or September. But, that’s okay, because school is over! Woo! Alright, enough chit-chat, lets get started:

Let’s start at the Magic Kingdom:

The rockwork is getting higher

Dumbo looks just like the artwork! I don't like how close it is to the speedway though.

Look how pretty! The last planter has walls around it!

I know it's hard to see, but the skyway has been reduced to a few steel beams.

Finally! Someone at Disney listened to me and put up a sign beckoning people to go through the interactive queue! There is also one for the regular queue.

The new Blackbeard waterfall really does not look very good. Its very blurry. It’s not the ‘water’ moving that makes it blurry, it’s the projection itself. Just take a look at the video (link above^).

Swan Boat track? Did they go this way or even run on tracks?

Oooo, pretty!

Yay the sign is back, and looks great!

They removed the ever-plauged year counter, resulting in an awkward orange gear.

And it looks like the all purple walls were just for some repainting. Batteries are still gone though.

Now, a quick stop at Epcot:

The Cargo Bay at Mission Space has been invaded by vinyls. 2 previews include Vincent (The Back Hole) and Space Man Figment (in the silver space suit).

Isn't Energy pretty?

New light sound thing it-wasn't-on-the-map area!

And now, to the Star Tours park, because we can take pictures now!


So cool!

And for all those who don't know what 'Studio Theming' is, here. You know the AT-AT. But do you know him like THIS?!

Ahhh! It's shiny and bright!

The smoke effects work and everything!


I love G2-9T.

Sadly, the awesome scanner wasn't working

This new sign is weird. It's like having a 'Directed by Leonard Nimoy' plaque or something.

I’ve now seen everything to see. My ride count is now 5. And I still love it.

Hey, remember those walls? They moved.

What aren't they making into 40th Merch?! This is a bit much.

That oughta do it for this trip. I’m now up to 45 trips, since I moved here in 2007. Woo.

Next week, I will try out a book review. My parents bought me ‘The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia’ for an end-of-year gift (thanks mom and dad), and I haven’t been able to put it down yet. So yup, that’d do it for this week. See ya all next week!

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