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Hey guys, Imagineer2017 reporting to you live from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Star Tours soft opened yesterday, and I wanted to check it out!

Check back periodically for new pictures and comments to be added to this post!



Photography inside the attraction and queue was strictly prohibited, so there are no images from the queue.

Pictures of the queue may be found here: Pictures! (via Orlando Sentinel)


Now arriving at the Studios!

That was so amazing. Saw Vader, Podrace, Yoda, Courasant.
The preshow is hysterical. Simply amazing.

Ride 2- Stormtroopers (I prefer This start), same endings
Ride 3- Vader, kashyyk(I like!) Akbar, Death Star
Ride 4- Vader, Hoth (references to original!), Akbar, Naboo (you run over Jar Jar, and has the best ending). I got to be the rebel spy.

Line has been short all day long. Pretty much walking on! Tons of fun. No pics allowed.

Last ride of the day had a 40 minute wait. Fastpass was being distributed.




  • Wow, was that an amazing attraction. I was so overwhelmed going in. The queue has been re-done in such an elegant manner! No longer is it industrial and retro as the original was. Now, it is darker, moodier, and has airport-sounding announcements.
  • 3PO and R2 are still working on the Starspeeder (which is now equipped with a “IC360” droid. According to the commercial, it lets the Starspeeders stay in space and watch what’s going on on the planet below. It’s used during the ride a few times, such as during the podrace).
  • The dialouge between R2 and 3PO is pretty much all from the original. There were one or two new lines. In the background, the original lines have been re-recorded and sound more like something at an airport. A few lines removed, and few added.
  • The multi-plane screen has been replaced with an HD screen. Looked cool. Commercials I saw were for IC360 (only on Star Tours!), Courosant, Naboo, and the Bespin/Endor/Alderran one that was previewed to us.
  • The Droid Room is gone, but they did such a cool job re-doing it. Captain Rex is in there, on your immediate left. One of them short circuits and spits out a few of his old lines of dialouge before shorting out. Sad, but cute.  Oh, and those old bird droids are in a cage next to him.
  • The G2 droids, now DSAs (Droid Security Agents, a play on the TSA), still live in there, scanning luggage and the passengers. Some great dialouge in there, including some lines strait out of the films (such as after a security alert, the droid says that ‘everything is okay, we’re all fine. How are you?’).
  • The loading area looks the same, except for the addition of the glasses containers.
  • There are now 2 HD screens showing you the starspeeder getting prepped. 3PO comes along to fix something, and gets stuck in the cabin! This pre-show is so funny, witty, and clever. They did so well with it!
  • Aly San-San (her name is never said, oddly enough) comes on screen to give the safety spiel in both English and Spanish. I don’t like it as much as the old one, though.
  • Once onboard, the ship looks fantastic! LED lights have it so bright in there, and the new HD tv on the side provides even more to look at. 3PO is still in the ship as auto-pilot engages. Here’s where things get cool:


  • At this point, one of 2 things can happen. You take off and get ambushed by a legion of Stormtroopers and a security droid who scans the ship looking for a rebel spy. OR, Darth Vader interrupts looking for the spy.  3PO quickly blasts off, and we escape after taking out a few TIE fighters. The rebel spy is someone on the ship! Their picture comes up on the screen and everything! It’s so cool!
  • R2 jumps to lightspeed, and it’s off to Tatooine, Kashyyk, or Hoth. Kashyyk and Hoth were my favourites.
  • Akbar, Yoda, or Princess Leia send a transmission and coordinates to land. I didn’t get to see Leia.
  • When I was the spy, the transmission is so much cooler, because you know it’s you they’re talking about. It was such an amazing moment when 3PO turned and looked strait at me. So…wow. It’s an experience in it’s own.
  • R2 jumps to the coordinates: either an asteroid field over Geonosis and the Death Star where Boba Fett chases you, Naboo where you almost run over Jar Jar and then have the tail of a Naboo Fightership crash through the windscreen, or Courasant where you navigate out of a battle above the planet and through the bustling streets.

Overall, it was…wow. I was speechless after getting off.

A few things that irked me though were:

  • You aren’t even on the ride for 30 seconds and Vader is already taking over. As well, having him use the force to hold you was odd, but funny enough.
  • During the portion of the transmission, you don’t move. There is no sim movement whatsoever. Dead time.
  • The laser cannons fold out in front of the ship, unlike the original where you just know they’re there.

But seriously, it was so amazing, that I don’t care. I can’t wait to go back on it again next month!


Wow, a first-ever feat for me! Posting live from the parks! Exhausting, but I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to spread the word of the blog! I’d like to thank my parents for bringing us to the park so last minute. Thanks guys! I’d also like to thank the guys over at Star Tours 2 for keeping us up to date on the re-opening! Without them, I would have never known.


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