Star Tours II: Refurb or New Ride?   1 comment

“Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is a brand new attraction!”

Some would disagree with this statement, some would agree. Some folks believe that this overhaul is no more than a massive refurbishment of the classic Star Tours attraction. Others claim this to be a whole new attraction, ready to bring more people into the Studios. In this post, I’ll argue the side that it’s a new attraction, and then respond with why it can’t be considered ‘new’.

The Ride Itself:

  • Argument: Its a new motion profile. That’s the equivalent of a new roller coaster track.
  • Counter-Argument: Its still just a simulator. Its nothing new.
  • Argument: Its now in 3D!
  • Counter-Argument: But it’s still just a film.
  • Argument: New footage, therefore it is new.
  • Counter-Argument: So if we replace scenes in, say, Philharmagic, it would be brand new? No.

The Story:

  • Argument: It’s a brand new story!
  • Counter-Argument: No, it’s still the story of an intergalactic travel agency. As well, when Space Mountain came back from its refurb in ’09, it was given a story. So even arguing that a new story means a new attraction is invalid.
  • Argument: It’s got new characters and a new ship
  • Counter-Argument: Yea, by design. By changing time, some of those things are mandatory. Regardless, its more of a replacing of characters.
  • Argument: I think it’s safe to assume the Droid Room is gone. There will be a whole new queue show scene. Pretty significant back story could happen in there.
  • Counter-Argument: Again, Space Mountain had queue changes, too. Changed up it’s story quite a bit.

I think the problem with this situation is that we’ve never had anything like this before. The closest we’ve come is with Tower of Terror’s various incarnation. Those weren’t changing anything other than the drop profiles, but were marketed as a new thing. Not a new ride though. Never before have we had a simulator go down to become a brand new show. Typically, when things become out-dated, they are closed, and replaced with a brand new attraction. With Star Tours, that isn’t possible. Star Wars, arguably the most popular franchise on the planet, is still a relative film/TV series that people know and love. Star Tours, though outdated, was one of the most popular attractions in the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, strictly for it’s Star Wars tie-in. A new Star Wars attraction was necessary. So why not keep the popular simulator attraction, eh?

Overall, I’m on the fence. I don’t consider this to be a whole new attraction, but it is far from just a glorified refurbishment. The new attraction will bring a lot of people into the Studios, and it will be a new experience. But it isn’t new. It follows the story of Star Tours the company just as the previous had, but it does contain a new film, new show elements, and new on-ride story. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, making it hard to classify as new or refurb.

So, that be this week. I’m excited for Star Tours to open! It’ll be great to see it in person. From what I’m hearing, its incredible. Don’t forget to share my blog with others! Not only does it make more readers, but it makes me want to keep writing!
UPDATE: The attraction has begun soft openings. I will be there tomorrow to see it for myself. I will try posting pictures and comments ASAP throughout the day.


One response to “Star Tours II: Refurb or New Ride?

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  1. I can see both sides of the argument as valid and I agree with Alex, it is neither a sole refurbishment or a truly new ride. Let’s call it a re-imagineered ride (concept from the DLNT Podcast).

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