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Fantasmic! at Tokyo DisneySea

This past week, Tokyo DisneySea, having just re-opened after the massive earthquake, premiered their long-awaited ‘Fantasmic!’ nighttime extravaganza. Taking place in the Mediterranean Harbor, DisneySea’s newest show combines fountains ala- World Of Color, floating screens ala-Reflections of Earth Earth Barge,  Fireworks, and much more!  The technology far surpasses that in the two domestic versions.  It’s no surprise this show is amazing, World of Color’s Steve Davison and his team worked on this project for months!

The story of Fantasmic, all of them that is, is that Mickey is having a dream. This was never explained very well in the Disneyland and Studios versions. This show begins with ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ sequence from Fantastia, with Mickey dreaming to be controlling the stars and waves. The original shows begin the same way, but not the same as this new version. This version begins not with the Fantasmic! theme, but with the piece ”The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. Mickey floats up onto the hat float (as I’ll refer to it as), and begins the show.

Now, this hat float is amazing. It’s like an Earth Barge, Inferno Barge, fireworks barge, stage,  and WoC platform all in one!  It can expand all the way up and be the hat, or squish down and become a cauldron. It’s covered in LEDs, so it can have flames, stars, or whatever played on it, similar to the Earth Barge in Illuminations.  Mickey, Stitch, and Cinderella even pop up on top of it! Fireworks can shoot from it’s various collapsible levels, furthering the on-screen effects at times!

There are the float barges, with characters, projection balloons, and set pieces that float by, change colours, and spray water. Flotsam and Jetsam, identical to the ones at Disneyland, splash past. Stitch’s red space police cruiser speeds around the harbor. Candelabras float daintily in the princess sequence. Even a large Ka floats by.

The dragon is amazing. Better than Florida’s, but not comparable to Murphy. While not a full-bodied dragon, this neck-and-head has such movement, and breathes fire many times! I was amazed with how well it looked and moved! I also loved the set-up of it coming out of the mirror, and Mt. Prometheus erupting before the transformation.

The score is all new, and the original show theme is hardly used. And even it has been re-recorded and has had lyrics added. It’s kind of odd, because it isn’t the typical song we expect, but it is very nice regardless.

My only problems with this amazing show are that:

  1. No stage action like the domestic versions. The lack of a real stage means that Mickey can’t outrun the massive snake, and there can’t be a pirate fight scene. As well, that cut out the story that the villains are invading Mickey’s dream. While that isn’t a problem, its just a missing factor.
  2. There is no flow or story. It just kind of pops from here to there, and some, like the Jungle scene, are very jarring transitions. While it’s not a bad thing, it just kind of irks me.

Overall, the show is fantasmic! (yup, I said it) It’s wonderfully done. The next step in Fantasmic!. Its wonderful. So, without further ado, here’s the show!:


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2 responses to “A ‘Fantasmic’ New Show!

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  1. I think I might just need to go visit this in person! Great post!

    • DisneySea overall would be an amazing place to see in person! Of all the Disney Parks, it, by far, is the most well themed, and is full if some of the most amazing attractions.

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