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A review of “The Magic, The Memories, and You!” Castle projection show

I know, it’s been out for some time now. But I finally got to see it Last Week 2 Weeks Ago (this was written the following week of my viewing it and was written based off notes I took after viewing it).  Now that I’ve seen it in person, I can put full judgment out.  Like it’s often been said, videos do not do it justice. And they sure don’t!  So, lets begin…

"To all who come to this happy place: Welcome"

About 10 minutes after the Main Street Electrical Parade was over, the show began to a cheering crowd. I was seated in the hub, directly in front of the castle. I think that spot provided excellent views, though I would try a little farther back next time, just to see some of the effects better. The lights went out, and the castle seemed to disappear into the night skies. That in itself is so weird, because the castle is always lit up!  The music started up, and the vines began growing on the castle. I was pretty wowed.  The pictures are supposed to be the main focus of the show, but really, I hardly noticed them (save for the Yesterland sequence, for obvious reasons). Some of the most amazing projection sequences, such as the Circle of Life scene, the It’s A Small World clock tower scene, and the amazing fireworks scene,  don’t even include pictures!

Once it was over, Wishes! began. Soon after Wishes! was over, the show started up again.I was planning on heading to Space Mountain, which had just come back up from being down most all day, but the show was just so good, I had to see it again! I had moved back closer into the hub, and over to the right a little. This time, it was a little better than before.

The Yesterland sequence I mentioned was one of my favourites. Video of the Disneyland Jr. Autopia, the Skyway, the older style Tea Cups. The whole castle became a jittery old projector, too! It was nice seeing those old vintage videos still being shown in the parks.Really nice for the fans, much like the Its A Small World clock tower and Walt Disney scenes.

Two effects that I were really looking forward to turned out not looking as good as I had expected: The Turret Rocket and the Walt Disney scenes. I have a feeling that the reason for them not looking as good was my location. The Walt scene (as seen in picture) is made up of thousands of pictures (a brilliant use of pictures!), so I can see why that would look better farther back. The Turret Rocket effect, which I was looking forward to more than anything, wasn’t impressive from my spot.  The second time I watched the show, it looked a little better. Again, moving back may be the best idea.

I think the most magical part of the whole show wasn’t the pictures, or the song, the fireworks finale, or even the amazing projection system. What I found to be the most magical part was the crowds’ reactions. As soon as the projection of the castle in all multi-colour came on, there was a huge “woa, ooh! *applause*” coming from everyone in the crowd. That was so amazing to me, to hear such a show cause such a reaction, half-way through the show, at that!

In conclusion, I think that this show was spectacularly done. The music is phenomenal (much better than the original piece we heard). The whole concept of memories in pictures is very Disney heart-string tugging. The show balances fun and zany sequences with it’s softer, sweeter parts in perfect harmony. It’s a very long show, as well! Every time I thought it was over, they just went on with another big number! A spectacular show that I highly recommend everyone see!


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  1. I completely agree! This show is purely amazing, and is better farther back. I saw it about a month ago, and I will admit I started crying as soon as the music started to play. If you want to, try standing on the path that goes from Main Street to the middle of the Tomorrowland bridge, it was a great spot for the Turret Rocket scene. Great article! Can’t wait for the next one!

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