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First Look Gives us Chance to Get Familiar  with Disney’s Newest, Most Aspiring Park

Last night, the Disney Parks Blog released an article announcing the Ground Breaking for Shanghai Disneyland. This article included some amazing conceptual art pieces that have caused quite a buzz.

As posted by Tom Staggs on the Disney Parks Blog:

I’m writing to you from Shanghai where Bob Iger and I are just about to take the stage for a very special ceremony. In just a few minutes we will officially break ground on the Shanghai Disney Resort.

This is truly a defining moment in our company’s history. We will now begin construction on this exciting new site and cause our creative concepts to leap from the drawing boards and become a wonderful new resort where friends and families can visit and play and create memories that they’ll never forget.

With Shanghai Disney Resort, we have the chance to introduce the Disney Parks experience to an entirely new group of guests. Scheduled to open in about five years, our new resort in Shanghai will include things that you know and love about a Disney theme park such as Disney characters, attractions and storytelling… but it will also feature all-new experiences and stories that were inspired by and created for the people of China. The best way to describe this new resort is authentically Disney, yet distinctly Chinese.

Shanghai Disneyland will be the name of the theme park itself, but the property will also have two themed hotels, a venue for retail, dining and entertainment, a wonderful sparkling lagoon and some outdoor recreation areas.

We look forward to sharing more details with you right here on the Disney Parks Blog. Until then, I would like to thank everyone from both Disney and the Shanghai Shendi Group who have worked so tirelessly to make the dream of building a Disney resort in Shanghai a reality.

As well, here’s the groundbreaking ceremony:


Wow!  How exciting! Lets stop and take a look at some very significant things these pieces show us (but bear in mind, this is only concept art. Nothing is promised. Things have already changed since we last saw artwork):

  • Adventureland and Tomorrowland have swapped sides.

Yea, that isn’t major earth-stopping, but it’s still significant, as all other Disneyland parks have Adventureland to the left of the Castle

  • You can only make out 3 lands

That has to do with  ‘hiding it from the press’. But, there’s also the fact that (as I’m hearing those with ears on the company say) only 4 lands are being built. Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and a new land just for Shanghai. This new land is supposedly a ‘Mythical’ land, possibly including Expedition Everest.

  • Notice that Main Street is not included.

This has to do with the Chinese agreements and customs. So instead:

  • Fantasyland is in front of the Castle

Since Main Street can’t be done, Fantasyland moves in! Instead of the shops, it appears that there are darkrides leading guests into the hub. Dumbo and the carousel reside in the hub in the pieces. This makes me wonder how a NextGen queue will be installed, but I suppose they have it figured out.

I’m a bit upset that Frontierland wasn’t included. In older pieces of concept art, there was a Thunder Mesa-looking complex. Too bad that’s not there anymore, I’m hearing the entire land was cut. Same kind of story for Main Street. There were rumblings of every kind of theme imaginable, from Nature to 30’s Hollywood. I was excited for something like that.

The castle, though just another Cinderella Castle, is very unique. It seems to have a boxier shape to it, looks much more imposing, and has many different touches and is adorned with decorations nether of the existing ones have.

Now, as to what I’ve heard people saying will be included in the park:

  • TRON attraction replacing Space Mountain.
  • New spin on some old classic darkrides such as PPF and PDJ
  • Snow White Mine Train Coaster
  • Expedition: Everest clone (older rumor)
  • New ‘Mythical’ land, possibly to hold Everest
  • Pirates-themed mini-land to hold a new POTC
  • KUKU-Arm POTC (outrageously stupid older rumor)
  • Another unique take on Haunted Mansion (which is necessary anyway because of Chinese culture)

Overall, this is looking to be beautiful. And when is the park scheduled to open? 2017 😉


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4 responses to “Eye on Shanghai!

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  1. Whst is a KUKU-arm? I like the idea of a Tron ride like space mountain, maybe one day in DisneyWorld Fl they will make one.

  2. Hahaha a Kuka arm POTC…. terrible.
    I do think a Tron Space Mountain would be cool, but I don’t know if I’d want that in Florida.

    I think this park will be very beautiful once it’s made, and hopefully it has a higher capacity than Hong Kong Disneyland ^ ^
    Fantasyland in front is hard to get my head around >.>

  3. Maybe the Frontierland-esque area will be included in a future expansion of SDL.

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