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A Trip Report, Plus a Review of the New Mickey Meet n’ Greet!

Hello everyone! I’ve returned from a trip down to the world, and have some newsworthy pictures to share! Then, after that, I’ll review the new Mickey Mouse Meet n’ Greet in Town Square Theatre.

Starting off at the Studios

The ToT’s continuing facade work continues.

Walls have gone up around Star Tours:

And now, to the Magic Kingdom!

(pardon the continuity of the pictures, I went, like, 3 times)

This area is walled off, soon to become part of the Castle Wall!  to remove a planter

Looks like Dumbo’s Circus tents are already going up!

I’m still meh on  it. I liked the old one better, but this one is nice-ish.

The Tiki Room pre-show has been totally walled up.

Watched Wishes! from hub. Pretty nice, but I don’t recommend, as most fireworks were hidden behind the castle.

But, I did watch “The Magic, Memories, and You!” right before Wishes!, and I was blown away! It was amazing, so amazing that I saw it twice instead of riding Space Mountain! I won’t go into a full-out review here, seeing as I have a review coming up next:

Review of the Town Square Theatre Mickey Mouse Meet n’ Greet!

Mickey’s new Meet n’ Greet in Town Square Theatre is amazing! I went in 2 days after it opened, and was quite surprised! I don’t typically do MnGs, but I may begin to often this one. The theming is top-notch! The Imagineers did a fantastic job re-designing the interior and exterior, it’s quite beautiful!

They didn't have the banners up this week.

An empty, rainy day gave it a walk-on queue.  Thank goodness, because that queue is a monster! They’re really prepared for crowds that may not come…

Ah! Too much space!

The meet is very nice. They send you into one of what looked like 2 rooms, where Mickey and Minnie (Minnie for a limited time, I’m hearing) wait to see you. The theming is over-the-top! Backstage dressing room, indeed! Props and costumes are everywhere! No talking heads, but I have a feeling they’re coming, considering how much time they gave us with the mice(4-5 minutes, but that may be because there was no line) and there’s a mirror(that could be 2-way?)on the opposing wall.

Once done, it’s out into the new gift shop. And even it is so nicely done!

Overall, it is a wonderfully done MnG. But, I sense the location is doing it bad. All during my trip, the line never went over 20 minutes (meanwhile, PPF and Space were 50+, BTM and Splash @least 45, for reference) It’s right at the park exit/entrance, and the banners aren’t up. This, combined with no signs of a MnG whatsoever (other than the small wait-time signs), are probably hiding it. This is good for people like me, who want to go in with little wait, but bad for the tourists who are bound to get confused and mad.

Alrighty then! That’s this week. I hope you enjoyed it, I sure did! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and share! Please, share, I’d love to get this blog a little more publicity! It makes me want to write more! Until next time, See ya Real Soon!


4 responses to “A Trip in the Parks

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  1. I’ve never been big on Meet and Greets, but this one looks great! A first-class location (and first see upon entering the park) is perfect for the main mouse himself.

  2. Great post Imagineer! I’m surprised the Meet and Greet was that slow! Even on a rainy day, I would expect more. Keep up the great posts!

  3. That switchback configuration looks pretty boring unless we can not see something in the pictures. Even though the actual backstage looks amazing. I would never wait an hour, or however long that queue would take, if it was full to the hilt, for a meet and greet. That is just me though.

  4. Great report! Hope you had a good time :]
    That M&G queue is HUGE. However I’m glad the theming is top notch, from what I’ve seen. I was kinda hoping for pix of you and Mickey, but I know you’re a private guy.

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