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I went to Epcot this last Thursday. Did the Disney’s Leadership Excellence: The Inside Track” tour. I was really quite satisfied with it! So, here’s my story:

We started out by entering the park 30 minutes or so prior to opening. We headed toward The Land, and was passed by the gas-powered Test Track car they use at opening (I never get there early enough to see it, so that was new to me). The parks are so strange when they’re empty, especially The Land. I noticed theming I had never noticed before. The tour guide explained that rides are ‘attractions’ and employees are “Cast members”, and explained why (story, they’re part of the show).  Went into some business stuff, including what Disney does to be successful, then processed to have our own personal ride on Soarin’.

A recap of what we discussed prior, using Soarin’ as an example,  then we were to act as cast members. Me, being the monthy visitor who wants to work there jumped at the chance. I was given the situation where I, the ice cream vendor, am confronted by tourists with various problems (my favourite being ‘When is the parade? It’s 4 c’clock and I want to see it!’).  And yes, everyone was amazed at my ability to know that there was no parade at Epcot, and that you could find one at Magic Kingdom, DAK, and DHS at 3, and MSEP that night without even having to look at the times guide I was given.

Once that was done, we were off to a presentation. I was hoping it would be held someplace cool, like World Showplace or Odyssey. Luckily, I was wrong. I almost passed out as they led us into the Imageworks. Upstairs, in the Glass Atrium! I wish that we had been allowed more time up there, or at least permission to take pictures. Such an amazing view…Yet it felt so sad and empty in there….

The speaker for the day was highly involved with the NextGen initiative. Once he had finished discussing that at Disney, the CMs go above and beyond, I took the opportunity to ask him about how the NextGen fastpass reserving system effects the locals, and how they keep them coming back.  He said that they aren’t allowing people to book all the fastpasses for the day, that some will be left for the locals/non-planners. So we can assume from that that FP will still be available in the parks.

After that, more business regarding entrepreneurial skills, and then a trip to Club Cool. Most of the group had no idea it existed, so I was ready to laugh at them all tasting the disgusting ‘Beverty’ (Italy). Sadly, all of the machines were out of it! This led into more business topics, including praising workers for jobs well done, and communication skills between mangers and workers.

Finally, we all headed into the plaza. Our cast member began discussing that Walt Disney’s legacy of WDW only came into being because of all those skills. The group was amazed when I answered the questions “What year did Magic Kingdom open?” and “What year did Epcot open?” instantly (they also went into hysteria when I said that there were 11, 324 Alucobond panels on SSE).

With that, we were done, free to explore the parks. Had lunch at the Cantina, and dinner at Via Nappoli take out. Maybe I’ll go into why I like those places some other time. Oh yea, and while exiting the parks, I noticed this bus stop number sign had been replaced. I was pleased to see that although new, the old EPCOT Center logo was on it.

It's new and shiny and has the old logo!

So overall, the tour was most enjoyable. If you get chance, take this tour, convince your school to take it. It really lets you know all about what the Disney company really does to put themselves above everyone else.

So, that’s this week. I’ll be at WDW again next week (2 Epcot trips one week within each other! woo!). I love living in Florida. So, expect a report, or my opinions on Mansion’s new queue, or maybe even my opinions of the new Adventureland Bridge. So, until then, so long!


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