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Happy Presidents’ Day everyone!  (If you’re an international reader, don’t worry, this isn’t an article mean to bore you with American history) Presidents’ Day is a day to look back at the great American Leaders.  And what better way to do that (for a Disney Fan, at least) than to go see The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom?

The Hall of Presidents resides in Liberty Square

The Hall of Presidents is unique to the Magic Kingdom. Though Disneyland does have Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln, it just isn’t the same. The Hall of Presidents is one amazing show. I had honestly never seen it before the most recent refurb, but I am glad I finally went in.

All of the presidents are represented in Audio Animatronic form. That means that there is a total 44 AAs on the stage at once time. Amazing to see.  And though not all of them talk, they do all move, adding to the sense of realism even more. It shows how much goes into such a show, they are all acting as a real person would; shifting weight, breathing, moving their arms, etc…

And speaking of AAs, how about that amazing Lincoln? Just like GMWML, the man stands up (woa!), gives the Gettysburg Address, and sits back down.  The fact that Disney can still have an AA stand up and sit back down is quite amazing. We never see anything like that anymore. And while it’s not Disneyland’s Abe, it still is very impressive, as all A-100s are.

Many people either compare the Hall of Presidents to Epcot’s American Adventure, or yell at people for comparing Hall of Presidents to American Adventure. The two shows are nothing alike, nor are they comparable (I’m not one of the yellers, don’t worry).  One does not blow the other out of the water.  That’s because you just can’t compare the two. Each has it’s own reason to be amazing and breathtaking. For example:

  • Hall of Presidents has 44 AAs on stage at once
  • American Adventure has only 35 AAs in total
  • American Adventure has an amazing stage system
  • Hall of Presidents is just a stage
  • Hall of Presidents has an Abe Lincoln that stands
  • American Adventure has a ‘walking’ Ben Franklin

You just cannot compare the two, because of their such different and amazing effects and specifications. And you know what, we shouldn’t even try comparing them. We should just take and love them as they are.

So, happy Presidents’ Day everyone! Hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to subscribe, share, and comment!

As well, this week, I’ve got another blog to share. LittleDani, whom I know from various Disney Forums, recently converted her blog into a Disney Blog, focusing on trips to Disneyland. It can be found here.

Until next time, goodbye!


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