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Today, ToonTown Fair closes. Opening as Mickey’s Birthdayland on June 18, 1988,  and later re-named Starland in 1990, this small, planned-as-temporary land is being closed to make room for New Fantasyland.

The land contained Mickey and Minnie Mouses’ houses, Donald’s Boat, ‘County Bounty’ shop, Princess and Fariy MnGs, a playground, and the Barnstormer.

Today, I bring you my little ‘Fairwell’ to this small, often neglected by fans, land. As well, I will be there this weekend, so a report containing pictures of what’s going on will be published.

Any-who, let’s start:

I had never been in Minnie’s house, so this was cool.
Cool models of the houses.
The houses are full of these plasticy-looking toon props.
Now over to the big cheese’s house.
Great bedroom decor!
While guests could walk around in the rooms of Minnie’s house, Mickeys are blocked off
Wallpapering? Bit outdated.
County Bounty was probably one of the coolest stores in the Magic Kingdom
Barnstormer, soon to be ‘The Great Goofini’ . What will become of the WoM Chickens!?
This was a real barn when Birthdayland opened. Now it houses WoM chickens. Who knows what happens in the future?!
Sadly, this is the end.

Toontown Fair. It is it’s time to go, but it will never been forgotten.

As for the future, based on the New Fantasyland concept art:

  • Minnie’s House will become the far end of the Mine Train Coaster.
  • County Bounty’s tent will more than likely become a 3 Little Pigs circus themed shop
  • Toonpark Playground area may become a Casey Jr. water play area.
  • Donald’s Boat may become part of Dumbo’s queue

As well, Goofini may open by December.

As of yesterday (Feb 10), posters announcing Circusland was posted everywhere. They show pictures of “The Great Goofini” in a cannon, “Pete’s Silly Sideshow”, and “Big Top Souvenirs, featuring the 3 Pigonlinis”. What Pete’s Sideshow is remains a mystery for now.  But, with all the characters we see, it would appear that Circusland will be a new kind of Toontown. A Toontown Circus, if you will. While I don’t like it,  it’s a clever theme nevertheless.

Well, hope you enjoyed. As you can see, I’ve added a new banner to my photos. Like it?  Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, rate, and share! See Ya Real Soon!


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  1. I’ll probably miss toontown.

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