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Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is opening May 20th in WDW. Disney has kept hush about it (unlike a certian actor involved in the project), leading to us asking  many questions. So far, all we really know is that C-3PO will accidentally be our pilot (and we’ve seen him in the cockpit, as well!), there are 2 new droids (ACE and Aly-San-San), the ship will be the Starspeeder 1000, and there are 54 different ride combinations to various Star Wars planets. But some questions are yet to be answered. I have two of my own (one of which will probably never be answered) in fact. So without further delay, here we go:

Refurb Time Differences?

As we know, the Disneyland refurb time is much longer (it closed 2 months prior to WDW’s, and will probably open around the same time as WDW’s). But why? I’ve heard many reasons, including:

Disneyland has a lot less room to work with

  • TDO (Team Disney Orlando) is cheap
  • TDO wants less downtime because more people come to WDW
  • And the realistic reason, the loading setup is different

All of these reasons, except the first one, seem pretty accurate (TDO isn’t the all evil budget killers they’re made to look like). Surely these can’t be the only reasons! So, I’ve come up with my own thoughts on why it will take longer in Disneyland:

  • Large set pieces and animatronics can only be moved at night in DL, the Studios has a backstage entrance for Imagineering.
  • More room to work in at DHS.
  • Disneyland may require more work, seeing as it is older
  • Florida has the Body Wars simulators to test/program with, so they can do that while everything at the Studios is being installed in the simulators.

54 Combos, But How Many Scripts and Motion Programs?

Disney has said there will be a total of 54 different ride combinations guests can experience.  There will be many places and things guests will visit and/or avoid colliding with.  But will there be different scripts to accompany each different scenario? Aside from 3PO mentioning where we are, I fear the scripts may wind up being identical for each ride.

Many destinations, but will it be one ride?

This means that things may be predictable if you’ve memorized the script. 3PO will always yell before dodging something, so you see it coming. Along with that, you may be able to anticipate the next move the simulator makes. If each script is identical, then 3PO isn’t going to make a comment for no reason, he’ll talk about something. Something coming right at him, and how he should dodge it, or wondering where the brakes are as he’s falling. What I am worried will happen is that all the films will be built around one single simulator program. ” 3PO is about to scream and dodge that podracer! The the sim is about to jerk left, because it did the same thing when he dodged that asteroid last time! *Sim jerks left*” Hrm…that doesn’t sound re-ride-able to me. But, I highly doubt this will happen, as there are 4 sims they can program at once over in Epcot, and it would be cheap.


Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. What will happen? Hopefully, not my worst fears. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. We don’t have too long to wait. Until then, ‘May the force be with you’.


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  1. I’m sure they can have a variety of simulator programs and scripts without it being the “same” ride. Take Sum of All Thrills for example. You create your own ride and each ride is different. And the mini simulators you find at malls and other places (I know of a Zoo that has one) – those typically offer a few ride scenarios – from Tame to Toe Tingling. They can certainly have a multitude of simulator programs and have them randomly play (isn’t that what they do at ToT?). As for the script, one day in a recording studio and they can create more than enough audio for 54 scenarios.

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