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What is my favorite park in Walt Disney World?

Studios? Magic Kingdom? Epcot? DAK? Let’s go in order:

1) Well, my favorite park is Magic Kingdom. Why? Magic Kingdom is the most ‘magical’ park. Magic Kingdom has the most charm. Magic Kingdom is designed after Walt’s masterpiece, Disneyland.

Magic Kingdom has everything. Its got the  fun Darkrides (PPF, iasw), the highly themed attractions (Mansion, POTC), and the great, yet classy, E-Tics.

I love the theming and hidden nooks of the park as well. For example, Swiss Family Treehouse can provide an escape from everything, and provide some spectacular views of the castle.

I could spend the whole day strolling through Main Street, watching the glassblowing demonstrations, or in the bakery eating some sort of pastry.  At night, Main Street is so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as all the neon lighting in Tomorrowland.

2) Epcot doesn’t have as much to offer. Not to say there isn’t a lot, because there most certainly is. It has the attractions in Future World, and the theming and shows in World Showcase.  While yes, I can spend an afternoon just strolling through World Showcase, and ride the attractions in Future World, it just isn’t the same as Kingdom. Illuminations beats out Wishes and Fantasmic! though, that’s for sure.

3) The Studios is a mess, but we can only blame that on the fact that it was designed as a Studio and not a park . My favorite land there is Sunset Boulevard. Not only does it have Tower of Terror and all of it’s over the top theming, but the land itself is so cool! I really do like the 1940s atmosphere, and just strolling down the Blvd is so cool. The Backlot needs help. Though I do like Streets of America (because it’s empty 99% of the time), it just needs something.  I like Lights, Motors, Action!, unlike most people. I don’t understand the hatred, other than the removal of Residential Street.

4) And lastly is DAK. This park gets a lot of flak.  Quite honestly, it deserves it. I don’t like this park as much. But, I will go into my thoughts and opinions of this park at a later time. (I started typing it in here, but it got too long!)

Well, that’s that. Pretty similar to most of yours, I suppose? Maybe next time, we can go into my favorite resorts.  We’ll see! Until next time, have a magical day!


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  1. Epcot has always been my favorite. Even though the park is a shadow of what it used to be. I liked the park without the “characters” besides Figment and Dreamfinder. My first visit was 1986 when there was a circus going on in future world and there was a daytime air show over world showcase lagoon. I was always super interested in the future and future living like most kids. And the centorium was a kids dream and a parents nightmare at the same time. So much merchandise, so little money. All I wanted to do as a five year old kid was hang out in future world all day long.
    Imagineer, I think if you were 10 years older your favorite park would be EPCOT as well.

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