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In 2009, Disney announced their new official fan club, D23. This new fan club would give members:

  • Disney twenty-three Quarterly Publication
  • Exclusive Member-Only Events and Merchandise
  • Collectible Gift from the Walt Disney Archives Collection
  • Membership Card and Certificate
  • Discounts on Disney Merchandise at certian locations and D23 Expo (not listed in link)

Sounds great, right? Yea, but it would cost fans. Membership is $74.99 a year. And if that wasn’t enough, those ‘Special Events’ also cost them a pretty penny.

I was given membership for Christmas that year. So all throughout 2010, I was a D23 member. Let’s see what I got:

  • Disney twenty-three Quarterly Publication
  • Exclusive Member-Only Events and Merchandise
  • 2 Collectible Gifts from the Walt Disney Archives Collection
  • Membership Card and Certificate
  • Discounts on Disney Merchandise at certian locations

Note that those events and discounts were scratched out.  Would you like to know why? 9 out of 10 events were in California. 10 out of 10 of those discounts only applied in California. There were so few WDW member events, each of which cost a good amount.

I got a total of 2 Archive presents. Yea, it’s nice and all, but the patch isn’t even an Archival thing, it was mass-produced for members. I don’t have anything against that, but still.

The Magazines are amazing.  I simply love them. Superb quality, great content that any Disney Fan will love. One problem with them: Anyone can purchase them. I can go to WDW, and at any of the resorts, go to the gift shop and get one. They don’t check to see if you’re a member. You have money, you can get it.

Membership Card and Certificate, like that’s really special. The card gets you into the events.

Now, I’m sure you’re all aware of D64? The guys who want a better D23? (no, they are not evil and jerks, as some websites have made them look) Well, even as a D23 Member, I was a D64 Member. I was happy with my Magazines and website. All stuff everyone could get. But I wanted to have events like California! And I wanted them for free, or less cost at very least!  Things got worse when the announced that members got a discount at Downtown Disney Anaheim. If they could have discounts, why couldn’t the other DTD that more people visit have member discounts?  It was at this point that I turned all the way for D64. Florida members were being cheated, and international members were being alienated. And they still are!

So, this year, I did not get my D23 membership renewed. And you know what?, I’m okay with that.  Because I wasn’t gaining anything.  I’m going to go to the parks every month, so I can just get the Magazines then. Their new Videocasts are free and for everyone, just like the website (though I really don’t care for the site, it isn’t updated enough [I really don’t like Disney’s Websites for news in general]). I know WDW is getting that Destination D event, and I would love to attend. But for how much it’s going to be priced at, no way.

My only hope with this article is not that you stop your membership, or to talk you out of on. I hope that D23 sees it,  seriously reads it, and thinks about it. Disney, D23 isn’t what it should be. You’re alienating 99% of your costumers. Do we really need to pay so much for something we’ll have to pay even more for? And why must your Californian fans get more treats and goodies? Disney Fans are bound together for their love of Disney. Some are saying that this club divides the masses, putting members as the elite group, and the Californian members even higher. Don’t do that Disney.

Well, that’s this week’s article. Again, not trying to talk anyone out of D23. These are only my opinions. Next weekend, I’ll be at the parks, so an article may come out later that week. Don’t forget to subscribe to get email alerts when new articles are posted! See ya real soon!


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  1. I’m with you on this one. Too few Florida events, and the ones they had were ridiculously expensive. I’m all for the fantastic member only expensive events, but couldn’t they have thrown in a couple of reasonably priced ones? Oh wait, this is Disney! There can’t be reasonably priced things!

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