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First Blog. Alright! Well, the stereotypical Disney nerd would complain about Epcot or something, then maybe mention how we need Mysterious Island in DAK. So, I won’t. Today, I’m going to talk about Epcot, and not mention DisneySea at all (changing it up a bit, I am). Yea, lets talk about Horizons. Nerdy as it can get.


Man this thing was pretty. And massive. So it was pretty massive.


I love Horizons. But why do I love Horizons so? After all, I only went on it once, and can only recall the Mesa Verde orange smell. Well, *flashback sound/transition* way back when, before I was really a Disney fan, I had always visited the parks. I was always curious as to what was there before it was that. Finally, I looked it up. I found many things that were gone, Timekeeper, JII, Horizons. (this is why Horizons is my first topic) These have become some of my most treasured extinct attractions. I remembered Horizons, though vaguely. After watching Martin’s amazing video, I remembered more and more. I gained so much respect for this attraction.

So as I’ve come to learn more and more about this attraction, and what it meant, what it stood for, and what it really was, I really fell in love with it. Horizons was a true EPCOT Center attraction. Omnimover, loads of Audio-Animatronics, Huge Pavilion, Edutainment.

Its main idea, that “If We Can Dream It, Then We Can Do It” is still used today (leaving Epcot by monorail, for example). It is such a relevant theme, not just in Epcot, but for the world as a whole. “New Horizons” and the obscure unused “Reaching New Horizons” are two of the greatest EPCOT Center songs for that same reason. They tell us that our future will be awesome, bright, and shiny.

Now, I’m not going to whine about how they took it out and replaced it with an E-Ticket. But I will say that every time I see pictures of the deconstruction, I wince. It was gory, in a building kind of way. There was no way to hide that building. I still can’t image how large it was. (3 stories? 4? Whatever, Mission: Space is tiny compared to it) I get very disappointed every time I see pictures of it. Its gone, and I can’t experience it. I just want to go back and stand in Mesa Verde, smell the oranges (it only lasts 3 seconds on Soarin’!). To go sing “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” with the robot butler (that version is the best, reason #2 why I go on CoP).

I just want to go back here....

Now, as for Mission: Space as a replacement, I can understand. A Space Pavilion was planned, but never got in. Space is really where our future is (so don’t shut down NASA, please). Now, Horizons was dying. It did die, in fact. It’s last ride for press and CMs, it broke down. Such as sad story. So it was time for it to either be re-imagined or shut down. I don’t believe that there was a sinkhole. Mission:Space was a good choice. It was an E-ticket. Which the park needed. (though this eventually led to the downfall of Body Wars, resulting in the Irony Pavilion, as I occasionally call it [Wonders of Life, because it’s dead!], but that’s another story).

Mission: Space didn’t come as spectacular as originality planned, though, which is a pity. And after the few accidents and need to offer Green Team (which I will admit, is the only version I have ridden) have given it a very bad rep. Mission: Space is actually very good. It took me forever to finally give in and ride it (negative Horizons stigma, and slight claustrophobia held me back [all first-time riders: ride Sum of All Thrills first, then the cabin will feel like you’re in a Hummer, not a Smart]). It’s in need of an update, but so does most everything else in Epcot. Its on the end of the list, especially with that extremely high 5 (read it, FIVE) minute wait times.

So then. Horizons. One of my favourite EPCOT Center attractions.

Man, that was fun. My fist Blog. First off, THANK YOU for reading this. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’ve always wanted to do this, to get my opinions and voice heard in the community. So please, spread the word!

Comments? Feel free to leave some. Questions? Feel free to leave some. Complaints? Yea, feel free to leave them too (just keep things clean).

Next time, I’ll discus my favorite park at WDW! Thanks again, and happy holidays!


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4 responses to “Horizons, an attraction worth lamenting.

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  1. Great article, I remember Horizon, one of my favorites. I loved the big movie sequences. I liked how it rocked back and forth as you were moving. Felt that you were part of the scenery. I always looked forward to riding this.

  2. Very interesting, I have never ridden either ride. Mission Space scares me. I have watched video’s of Horizons and agree it was a great attraction. I agree that Epcot needs a lot of work, hope we will see a new Epcot in the near future!
    I look forward to reading more things you post!

  3. I never went on horizons, but it has become one of my favorite attractions that had once existed at epcot for the same reasons. I wish the first version of mission: space would return, but after the accidents i don’t see that happening. 96% real takeoff, GONE!!! it feels almost “watered down” now.

  4. I DID ride Horizons, and it used to be my favorite ride at EPCOT. Sad to say I used to like it better than JII. And was very distraught when I went down to WDW and it was closed. Mission Space is an awesome experience, I have only ridden orange, but it is so different than Horizons. I miss that pavilion.

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